is TEh EvAL

I just stopped over at Amazon to order the dvd collection of Sports Night based on the feedback I was getting after talking about West Wing.  I was about to add it to my shopping cart when what did I notive below?  The option to get this and the first season of West Wing as well.

Curse you aamzon for reading my blog and knowing that I would be weak and unable to resist the fruits you tempted me with.

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  1. Naginata says:

    I just want to say this publically:

    1) Cyrus, your blog is "the win". Of all the MS blogs, this one is, at the very least, in contention for "highest signal" and also "most enjoyable noise". Yeah yeah, it’s offtopic… but so is the parent post 🙂

    2) Sportsnight is the greatest television series of all time. That it was axed after 2 seasons is a crime, and those responsible should be hunted like animals.

  2. I agree with Naginata, on both accounts. Thanks for the blog, and the heads up on sports night. Sports night was one of my all time favorite shows, of course I didn’t realize it until I saw the repeats on Comedy Central. /me heads to amazon.

  3. Naginata: Sorry. My blog is !!TEh WiN!!

  4. Amazon is so bad because it treats you sooo goood.

  5. Vince Pacella says:

    This blog is the schznit. For real dawg.

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