Coding in the groove

Or, in this case, the lack thereof.  It sucks when you've coded everything out in your mind and you're stuck waiting for your tools to catch up to you.  My mind starts getting antsy and the amount of time it takes to do something simple balloons out endlessly.  Luckily I have Massive Attack and some cool reasearch papers I've printed out to help pass the time.

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  1. Does Microsoft give you guys two monitors? I’ve found two monitors on my primary machine is a Godsend. I generally have two copies of VS open, along with a wide variety of web sites, email, project manager, glah. Next to that is my laptop and secondary desktop.

    Dual monitors take some getting used to but after that, forget about working without them. My boss wanted to give my team and I 23" LCDs and dispose of our two 21" CRTs. Everyone of us told him to take a hike. 🙂

    It’s almost funny for an end user to walk in. They boggle because I just switch between machines fairly flawlessly.

  2. Brian: I’ll see if I’m allowed to post a picture of my office to give you an idea of how I work 🙂

  3. That’d be awesome. 🙂

  4. Eric Wilson says:

    If you can post it, which papers are you reading?

  5. Eric: Sure. I’d be happy to in the future.

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