Explosive Apple growth at Tech-Ed

Look at these stats:

  1. On Tuesday mine was the only PowerBook that I could see here

  2. On Wednesday I saw another

  3. Today I saw two more

That's exponential growth right there.  I also think with the people leaving Tech-Ed the number of Windows machnies has been declining.  If Tech-Ed were going on for two more weeks i'm pretty suer we'd see a complete dominance of Macs over PCs.

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  1. Jim Bolla says:

    Day 1: 1 Apple total

    Day 2: 2 Apples total

    Day 3: 4 Apples total

    so the formula must be apples = d ^ (days – 1)

    assuming a five day week. this would be 13 days according to your prediction or

    2 ^ (13 – 1) = 4096 Total Apples

  2. Two more weeks equals 14 more days. So that would be a total of 17 days. In 17 days we’d have 65,000 macs. I’ll let you know if i see 4 more tomorrow.

  3. Joseph Awad says:

    I am just leaving a Veterans Administration IT and Medical meeting. Despite VA being essentially an all Wintel shop with excpetions like me, there were a surprising amount of Powerbooks present. Even some of the GUI Client software for the mainframes that currently only runs in Windows is being written in Java and potentially is platform independent. I have heard that some early versions have been compiled and demoed on Macs.

    The growing numbers of us on Macs have been helped by the increasing compatibility of Mac OSX and OS X native VPN and Citrix clients.

  4. Ryan Gregg says:

    I’d carry my G4 around with me, but it’s rather heavy and my wintel laptop was cheaper :-). But I agree, there were a lot of Apple machines here, and I was rather surprised. Too bad there was <i>nothing</i> about Microsoft development for the Apple platform here 🙁

  5. Ryan: i don’t know when the MacBU demoes their latest wares, but I know I’m always very impressed with them.

  6. Joseph: I think it’s due to a combination of:

    a) very nice laptops

    b) very good software

    c) compatibility with the commonly used applications/suites out there today

    Oh, and they look sexy too.

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