Considering renaming my blog to “Why C++ makes Cyrus something something”

Go crazy?  Don't mind if I do! BLEAGHLEIGW)(#@QDLKJW*@(&$@$@(*&#

I have so rarely ever dealt with something so clearly designed to make you as unproductive as possible.  Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Ok, back to fighting with ref counting and other fun memory management issues.

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  1. Gimme the bat Cyrus. Gimme the bat bat booo…..

  2. Sean Chase says:

    One good quote deserves another…

    "Welcome! Come in! ….ah, fresh victims for my ever grwoing army of the undead."

    "Sir you have to let go of the button"

    "Ahhh, son of a bit…."


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