Sorry for the poor quality (formatting wise) of the post last night.  I was enjoying writing it but then Aqua Team Hunger Force came on on Adult Swim and totally sucked me in.  I didn't even both to see what it looked like after I hit “post”.  Now I'm in the office fighting a few fires (fun fun fun!!).  Next up a post on my difficulties with the '==' operator in C#.

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  1. Have you found a good way to post code that contains tabulations? As of now, I have tried some web interfaces but none of them were successful in displaying code correctly.

  2. Marc: I use word to figure it out for me. I paste from VS into word and then word into the blgo front end. It ends up looking great from the web page.

  3. Brian says:

    Screw Posting… ATHF is the BOMB.


  4. Inignog says:

    I hope you can see this cuz Im doing it as hard as I can!

  5. ShakeZulvs Maximvs says:

    I stumbled upon ATHF one night while I was baked outa my frikin mind! in late 2004. Since then I have seen every episode at least twice. Without the complete, and mind-boggling

    beligerance of Shake….this wonder of tv would not exist!! In (Unremarkable Voyage)

    Shake voilently tossed/spewed a very large amount of green vomit………I nearly pissed my pants laughing.."oh Yeah Carl is priceless!

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