Issues posting from my mac

Kinda frustrated trying to blog from home. Firefox tends to get caught in infinite loops and Safari crashes. Luckily safari has a good system where crashes get sent back to apple. So i am confident that these will get fixed. However, i'm not sure how to report this to the Firefox guys without soemthing like "go to and try to blog a bit".

I'm going to move over to links/lynx to see if I can successfully post from there.

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  1. There is a known issue with MAC+.Text editor, which should be fixed in the next build. I think it ended up being a weird CSS issue.

    The next version of .Text will also use an updated editor which should enable WYSIWYG support in FireFox/Mozilla.

    As for MAC in general, at the moment I do not own one (willing to accept donations :), so I have never had the chance to test .Text on it.


  2. travis says:

    c’mon dude, just switch back 😉

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