Mono and OSX

Looks like Mono isn't available under Fink (yet). I'm crossing my fingers for Apple to release it in the next version of OSX along with the other great Open Source projects they include like Perl and Python.

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  1. King-On Yeung says:

    OSX binary for beta1 is available:

    Packages for mono is marked as ‘unstable’ in Fink. U may choose it from unstable packages:

    $ which mono


    $ mono –version

    Mono JIT compiler version 0.31, (C) 2002-2004 Novell, Inc and Contributors.

    TLS: normal

    GC: System Boehm (with typed GC)

    Globalization: ICU

  2. Thanks, i had already installed it using the package from go-mono. How do you get fink to show you unstable packages when you run "fink list"?

  3. Also, how can you pull it in from fink and get generics support?

  4. Nevermind, just found the link that shows the executable is gmcs, not mcs.

  5. King-On Yeung says:

    i rely on finkcommander: and select it from preference. btw, i got seg fault today too.

    and, perhaps, "Trees" is modified in /sw/etc/fink.conf, my fink list show unstable packages too.

    $ fink list

    gimp2 2.0.0-2 The GNU Image Manipulation Program 2.0

    gimp2-default 2.0.0-2 The GNU Image Manipulation Program 2.0

    gimp2-dev 2.0.0-2 The GNU Image Manipulation Program 2.0

    (i) mono 0.31-12 The Mono CIL engine

    (i) mono-dev 0.31-12 The Mono CIL engine

    i mono-xsp 0.9-1 Mono ASP.Net web server

  6. King-On Yeung says:

    i’m sorry i gave incorrect information. not seg fault….but only got error in cvs update fink packages….after remove problematic file, it works again.

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