Fink + Mono + Nano

Installed nano so i could edit my fink.conf file (to add unstable packages). Unfortunately when i run it it segfaults 🙁
Guess I'm going to be using pico instead. Anyone know if nano doesn't play nicely with Panther?

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  1. Oliver Mellet says:

    Vim works nicely…

  2. Unfortunately, my brain is too feable to grasp Vim. I’ve always wanted to set aside a bit of time, but I haven’t yet. If i ever do I’ll let you know how it goes.

  3. p says:

    no problems with nano on panther, even syntax highlighting works just fine 🙂 i took the vim tutorial 2 months ago, was amazed and forgot everything in two days, so pico/nano seems as more natural choice :).

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