Reflections on my first 24 hours with braces.


Sigh. 18 months minus one day to go.

Did I say ow?

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  1. Luke says:

    Heh, yes it does hurt at first (and every time they decide to call you back for a ‘tune-up’), but you get used to it – I had them for 4 years.

  2. Chris says:

    Just think of the perfect teeth you’ll have soon :~~), the pain goes away!

  3. Garry Trinder says:

    It is better this morning.  It’s really not THAT bad – after having a herniated disc in my lower back for a year or so, anything else is a piece of cake – but it was giving me a whanging headache for a while.

  4. Jim says:

    Get a smoothie maker! Beats trying to eat solids after they’ve just tightened it up 🙂 My teeth ached for about a week when I first got mine and then only for a day each time they tightened it……..end results are well worth the wait though, feel that self-confidence!! 🙂

  5. SJ says:

    Oh, poor Americans and their perfect teeth. Much easier being a Brit!! lol

  6. Garry Trinder says:

    Heh.  I’m not aiming for perfect – not having my teeth fall apart before I’m 50 will be nice, though.

  7. Paul from Hull says:

    Your braces have extended the specs to include the proprietary "pain" attribute.

  8. cj says:

    is this going to be 18 months of no posts as well?  😉  i just found your blog a couple weeks before the "unfortunately incident" with your teeth and was really looking forward to hearing more from you.

  9. Paul Allen says:

    I got my braces off 9 months ago, and whenever I hear someone talking about getting their braces tightened I get sympathy pains through my mouth.  I found that whenever I had mine tightened I used to end up pressing my teeth together the whole time to get a sharp pain rather than the consistent dull ache.

    To get rid of the pain (even if temporarily) I used to stick a small block of ice in my mouth and push it around a little.  The cold helped with the pain and it gave my mouth something to do other than be bothered by pain the whole time.

  10. Camille says:

    The very first day of braces was a little uncomfortable.  The next 3 days were worse than labor pains.  My mouth was cut up from the wire and brackes.  My gums were very sore and sensitive.  My teeth felt like they were going to fall out at any given moment. I lost 5 pounds in a week, I lived on applesauce, jello and soup. Then all at once it went away. I have been in them for 3 weeks now and I still have difficulty chewing certain things. I go for my first tune up in 2 days…we will see how things go from there. I must say though that from the sounds of things,I will not be a very happy camper.  

  11. 333ow says:

    braces aren’t as bad as they are said to be but boy does the bite plate hurt(not every one has one). The teeth are fine the gums are fine but the bite plate, well let’s just say it give you TERRIBLE headaches, it’s a spit collector and hurts your jaw sooooo much! My advice. Take it out for a little bit. Just be very careful. But if you’re worried about the whole braces thing. Forget about it. For me it only hurt for a day. I’ve had them for a 2 weeks and right now

    owowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowow BAD BITE PLATE

    good luck to those to be braces wearers out there

  12. omggggg it hurts, says:

    well i got my braces today nad it hurts soo much it feels like my teeth are looss.

  13. Di says:

    I had my braces in 9 days ago.  I was all smiles going in and pretty content during the procedure.  after,…that’s when it began.  I bought Bk and never got to have it.  My teeth still feel loose,..and like concrete blocks when they touch.  There’s less pain now. Two weeks before they say I’ll be back to normal?  I can’t wait.

  14. Ann says:

    First 24 hours…*sighs*

    I was totally fine… got my braces on at 9am and felt uncomfortable and tight but they were okay, until I went to sleep at 12am, no pain! I woke up in the morning and my mouth felt a little sore, but it was still ok… I ate breakfast and thats when it started… as soon as I bit down, I felt as though all my teeth were loose and about to fall out… I had to crumble my whole food into tiny bits and shove it to the back of my teeth which still hurt!  I took some pain relievers and it helped, but it sure did hurt even with it to eat… It has not even been a week and I want to tear them off 🙂  It is constantly uncomfortable, the only time it feels good is right after I brush my teeth or drink something totally cold!! I am going to try to use mouth wash with fluoride which usually strengthens and fights cavities on teeth!!  Hopefully the pain stops soon, and I don’t feel like all my teeth are falling out!!  And I only have the top done until next month… so maybe it will be better this way!! 😀  

    Enjoy having braces, but pain relievers and cold drinks work!!

  15. amanda says:

    i got them at 10 in the morning and the procedure was fine, it didn’t hurt at all.  i even went out for lunch! thank god i did because thats when it all went downhill.  from my experience at lunch i went to dinner carefree and ready to eat.  i put a  piece of bread in my mouth and almost FAINTED.  the pain doesn’t go away for about a week.  and the constant presence of the annoying metal brackets are enough to make you go CRAZY.  

    after a few days though you start to forget they are there.  so i was happy and normal again. i was even excited to go to my next appt.  too bad thats not how i felt afterwards.  right now its the second day after my appointment and the pain is so bad its worse than giving birth.

    if i bite down i would pass out.  ppl say that its all worth it in the end but im beginning to have my doubts.

  16. andrae says:

    just wanted to know if anyone tastes metal while brushing teeth.  This just started happening a week ago.  I’ve had my braces since Nov. 7th..any thoughts?

    Also, does anyone feel tooth pain on one side of mouth more than the other? i read that this is from biting into solid foods etc…any thoughts….

    this is virtual murder…i’ve got 20+ months to go….

  17. Albatross! says:

    Wow, a bunch of recent comments on my first post after getting my braces . So, I’ve had my braces for

  18. beeboo says:

    I just got braces this morning. I have a genetic disorder where I am missing 12 adult teeth and still have many baby teeth without adult teeth underneath them. Therefore I have a lot of spaces where there is just wire and no bracket because there is no tooth. Any one ele ever have this wire problem? I am having a ard time eating because I feel like I am going to break the wire on the bottom with the tooth with the bracket on it aboveit.

  19. Cym says:

    Braces Braces Braces I soooooooooooo happy I did this. I am trying so hard to like this.

    Just hope these babies come out perfect.

  20. Beeboo says:

    This whole braces thin is worse than expected. I have pain mostly at night and it feels like I have one giant toothach I don’t know if I can take 3 years in these.

  21. Jamie says:

    I’ve had my braces since about 6th grade && i’m in 9th now. Braces are HELL && I still have a LONG time before i can get them off. FIrst time I got it, i was fine..till the next mornin. I had never been in that much pain before. I lost like 5 pounds that week because I ate nothing but milkshakes. Don’t even tryy to eat. worst pain. ever.

    I would rather have a baby without any painkillers than not to be able to eat. I just got mine tightened yesterday and OHH THEY HURT. I cant even like. close my mouth..hurts that much. hopefully it will be gone soon.

  22. Fefe says:

    The first 24 hours weren’t all that bad. Sure it was kind of hard to eat, but the pain wasn’t so bad. All wasn’t so bad until the next morning. Oh boy, that was HELL. Even biting down just slightly made it hurt so much. I couldn’t really eat much, only soft things or something that didn’t require much chewing. After 1 week with them it won’t be so bad though, you get used to it and the pain eventually goes away, until the next tune-up anyway. Now I also have to wear a bite plate, but not everyone has to of course it depends on your condition. I can’t talk right and each time I eat I have to take it off and then when I’m done put it back on, so I think they’re a bit like retainers although I’m not sure since I have never had retainers before. They’re such a pain, but if I want to get my braces over with faster they’re a must. All I really got to say for those who are going to get braces is that sometimes people over exaggerate about the pain, but I’m not going to lie to you either and tell you it doesn’t hurt. They just suck!

  23. windy says:

    Okay so i got my braces on at 8am yesterday morning and felt fine all day.  This morning is a compleatly different story, OUCH!  The pain woke me up out of a dead sleep at 3am, UGG! I answer phones at work and it hurts to talk. Cold drinks help though.  Ive taken pain killers and they dont help at all.

  24. Jermin says:

    hi guys, while reading your comments I started to think that my nerves are collapsing.. It’s really frightening to hear such pain comments and other eeeeeekkky feeling coz on the first place it’s my fathers fault that I’m getting one. But after I read a comment that tells its no big deal then it calms me down. Hang on everyone coz I know the pain kills but the results is brilliant

  25. Kevin says:

    I think people are overreacting… I’ve had braces since the spring of 7th grade and I’m in 9th now. My advice: DO NOT SKIP APPOINTMENTS! I was supposed to have one in October, which I didn’t reschedule Till yesterday. So, now, i’m going to have them for like 5 months more and pay $350, if they can’t put an appliance in. I suggest eating oatmeal and soup.

  26. Jon says:

    Well when i first got my braces on my teeth felt tight so i thought i was doing fine for my first day. When i woke up next morning. my teeth were in so much pain i just want to knocked them out. It hurt when i ate or speak. Ive had braces for the 6th to 9th grade. Now there are off. =] I just got them of yesterday. The thing about retainers is they still hurt when they are tuned up. After braces, you are suppose to visit your orthadontist at 1month, then 3,month, then 6 months and your done =] dont think after you get your braces off your teeth wont hurt because mines still do =(

    Suggestion: Eat Soup, Oatmeal, Clam Chowder, Mash Potatoes[i lived off them my first weeek of braces.]

    DO NOT: crackers pizza spagghetti bread steak cheese beans fruits beef chicken pork and many more ………….

  27. Jade says:

    I just got my braces today at 12:00 it hurts like crazy i slept for 3 hours and still there"s pain I have took tyleonol and it’s not helping. I couldn’t even chew my bread. IT HURTS SO BAD!

  28. goober says:

    I have to get braces , but my parent think that I should not  get them, because as I am reading this my parents are laughing at me,,,, and my brother said that he is going to put a magnet to my mouth when I get them

  29. TERESA says:


  30. kamal says:

    hi, i’ve read soooo many comments about braces. Thing is i’m 21 and getting braces in 2 weeks. I’m so terrified about the pain. I’m only getting them on my top 6 front teeth; for about 6-7 months. I can deal with migraine pain without meds but the pain most people describe, sounds sooo much worse. I don’t know if i want to do this now. I know most people say it’s best cause of the end result, but i’m having second thoughts :S   let’s see what happens!

  31. Sabrina says:

    Hey I just got my braces on yesterday. I can definitly relate to the pain everyone is feeling. The process wasn’t so bad yesterday, but when I stood up from the chair my teeth felt so weird. I got these braces on by choice. I didnt like my teeth and I wanted to get veneers but for some reason they said I needed braces first. So this was completely my own decision and I hope I don’t regret it. I’m so embarrassed, I don’t like talking now because I think I look like a monster, but there are sometimes I think I look cute with them on.

    You can’t tell I have them on when my mouth is closed, I didn’t get that bubble lip. But its the first thing you notice when I talk.

    The pain was very minimal yesterday. I even ate pizza when I got home from the orthodontist. But by 9 pm, I couldn’t even eat soft cantaloupe, so I just didnt eat anything. For breakfast I had yogurt. I have to work tonight and Im a cashier and I dont know how Im going to manage. I feel weird smiling and even talking. Im going to try to eat now though :

  32. Taylor says:

    I’ve had my braces since the middle of 5th grade, and I’m finally getting them off tomorrow! Yay! 🙂 Mine didn’t really hurt at all when I first got them on, I have older siblings who have all had braces and one of which is REALLY dramatic, so of course she played out the whole "in pain, can’t eat solid food" thing for as long as possible, so my mom wouldn’t let me eat anything except apple sauce (yuck.) for a few days, lucky I snuck food. I just found it easier to take an asprin or two or whatever you take about 10 minutes before your appointment, then by the time it’s done, the asprin will be just about to kick in. I also had a weird bite turbo thing for my overbite, which was a pain, and then they told me only wear it at night, so I was, and then I went in for an appointment and I didn’t have it in and they said I wasn’t wearing it right so they glued in these turbo bite things to the back of my teeth-TORCHER! The only thing I found painful about the whole 3 years were those nasty rubberbands..Always yanking my teeth, pulling them, putting my mouth in an uncomfortable position, and all that jazz. Plus I breathe out of my mouth, it’s hard to breathe out of my nose because I don’t get as much air and stuff, so I couldn’t do that with the rubberbands, and if you have a crooked jaw, for the last week, the ortho. will give you a nice HUGE rubber band, that you have to zig zag up and down from top to bottom all the way across your teeth except the 4 brackets in the front for 8 hours a day, and you have to talk a lot..I can’t even describe to you how painful these things are! and if you don’t have them in correctly, they’ll make you wear them another week!

  33. Alex says:

    I got them (braces) today. THEY HURT sooo bad. I have a basketball game tonight. I hope it will stop being such a pain.

    It’s hard to play in this; in school, I felt like I was doing invigorating volunteering in one of my science classes.

    I’m 12.

    I plan to eat/drink all liquids.=(

  34. Jacqueline says:

    OMG I just got my braces yesterday and they hurt so bad throughout the night I only hot 1 1/2 hours  of sleep. I didnt even go to school today… good thing I have a P.A Day tmrw… I didnt eat anything since 12:00pm yesterday ( before I got my braces)

    Right now all I think about is ice-cream

  35. Lala says:

    I got my braces yesterday.  It took me an hour to eat some soup, because it was hard from me to chew some of the stuff in the soup, like chicken.  As far as pain it was mininal last night, I took too aspirins and I was okay.    I didn’t experience the kind of pain everyone else is talking about.  I am almost positive child labor is a lot worst.  I had the hardest time flossing, especially the in the back of my mouth. The floss kept getting hooked on the brackets.  When I woke up this morning my teeth felt really heavy.  So when I got to work, I took two motrins and eat some yougrt.  I am not that hungry, but I keep wanting some gum.

  36. Andre says:

    I got my braces 4 days ago, and the pain wasn’t as bad as I imagined. It was very sore, but it was the good kind of sore when you know that the braces are doing something. However, one of my upper teeth was pushed in by the braces (even though it was okay before) and now the brace’s bracket right below it is obstructing the upper tooth from going all the way down. This means I cannot bite–my back teeth cannot even touch. The first day I tried eating rice with vegetables, and it was a horrible mistake trying to eat that cauliflower. Since I had 4 of my teeth pulled, there are 4 gaps where the archwire just gets in the way of trying to chew, and the stem of that broccoli-like vegetable seems to bend the archwire whenever I try to bite down. It hurt a lot. I tried spaghetti that night, and it also didnt go well since the front teeth are too sore to bite and the back cannot touch, and swallowing entire strands of spaghetti is sort of unpleasant. I’m getting a blender today so I can make some smoothies. I guess the worst part of getting braces for me is not being able to eat the foods you want for some time, like that hard boiled egg or that cheeseburger. Luckily, since my family is Chinese, I am able to have a wide source of delicious food I can eat or crush with my tongue like tofu, egg drop soup, congee, etc. I’m also a vegetarian, so I don’t miss those steaks or patties. Oh man, I tried to eat a mini-chocolate bar the size of my thumb, and it was nasty for my teeth. At first I tried bititng it, but that resulted in explosions of pain. Then I tried to let it melt, which was still unpleasant because it pushes against my mouth and if I leave my mouth open chocolaty drool starts to seep out. One of my teeth protrudes very outward, and it happens to be the same teeth that gets the loop to hold the elastics, so this morning I found the inner lips around that area just shredded. Good thing I rationed my wax sticks, so I should have enough to last me about a month.

  37. Lyle says:

    I got braces about 17 months ago.  Here I am 48 years old and man it was time.  People would always comment why I don’t smile much, but if you had my gapped teeth, you would know why.  Here, 17 months later, perfectly straight, nice bite and I smile all the time…even with my braces on.  Best thing I have ever done for me.  Yes they hurt…even today as I had another adjustment, but it will end.  When I first got them on, I must have lost 5lbs because I couldn’t eat like I used to…but after a few days of getting used to them, you will not even notice it much.  The doctor knows how much I want to have them off so he is now seeing me every 2 weeks.  Hopefully, next month is it…good luck to you all thinking about it.

  38. GMan says:

    I just got my braces on yesterday, and let me tell you what! Oh my gosh!…I went in for my appointment at 9 oclock. Got out at 12. I felt no pain whatsoever. So I had my mom take me out for lunch. I ate French Fries and Chicken Selects from McDonalds. I just thought it was kinda weird because food kept getting stuck in my brackets. But after that, I went to school and showed em off a bit. But when I got home, it was like hell. I couldnt eat anything! Everything I tried to eat hurt. I tried brushing my teeth and it hurt. But I ate some pudding and mashed potatoes. It wasnt that bad. But I woke up the next morning and my lip was bleeding on the inside from where my brackets had been rubbing against the inside of my mouth all night. But today wasnt nearly as bad as last night. I think someone could hvae pulled my teeth out one by one and it wouldn’t ahve hurted as bad as it did last night. I still cant eat solid foods, but everyone says next week will be okay. I dont know if i mentioned it or not, but i got my braces on yesterday.

  39. Braces Later says:

    Interesting comments.  I’m 41 and I get braces in about a month.  I’ll be sure and let everyone know how it is 24 hours in…

    My blog is at

  40. Megan says:

    Soooo.. i went this morning to get my braces around 9 o clock they put on expanders on the top where i have to have someone turn it every night for 20 days soo it can expand my teeth on the top plus im missing a k-nine tooth and i have to have two baby teeth extract TALKING ABOUT PAIN….after all this my mom suggested i eat but im like " hell no" compare to the pain i went through with spacers and then she suggest i go to school which is a no no cause i know ill be suffering so i got home around 12 pm i took a nap so i wouldnt have to think about pain but noooo my dad comes home early and wakes me up just for him to see the braces i was soooo mad that i clenched down on my teeth which was the biggest mistake still now im in pain anyways im here trying to drinking water but knowing i have the expanders the water just slowly flows out of my mouth anyways im sooo scared to go to sleep cause i seriously dont want to deal with the pain in the morning =(

  41. Latoya says:

    Wow, I’m 22 yrs and I went to the dentist today cause I have plans on getting braces for the first time, I was so excited about it until I read all of your posts. I thought when you get braces the pain would only last 1 or 2 days.

    But before I get my braces on, the dentist told I need to have some teeth pulled out. Not 1 or 2 teeth but 7 of my teeth need to be pulled out including my wisdom teeth  because my teeth are crowded. OUCH, I’M SCARED AS HELL!!!!

  42. Sybille says:

    I am currently struggling with making up my mind about getting braces.  I had the metal ones in for 3 years when I was a kid and now my orthodontist tells me I need to have 4 teeth extracted and I will need 26 months in braces plus a Nance device plus surgery to extend my jaw.  I think I look fine as I am but my teeth have always been an issue for me.  Can anyone tell me whether it is really worthwhile???  I am nearly 30 and don’t really want the pain, hassle, sores, bad pictures for the next 2 years!!

  43. tom says:

    I got my braces on yesterday, and at first you don’t think it will be a big deal but it is. i havent eaten anything beacause i am in such pain right now. i feel like ripping them off. you cant bite down at all without killing yourself

  44. Naomi says:

    i am currently booked in to get my braces in a month and found out from the papers i have to sign that i also need a bite plate. i had a bad experience with a previous brace but at least it was removable and when it hurt i took it out. i don’t know if i could handle all the pain. someone please help and give advice getting very scared by peopl’s comments.

  45. Laurie says:

    Hey! I just got my rubber bands, I’ve had braces for around a year. OMG! Rubber band hurt sooo much! I know, at first they don’t hurt, but after….OW! I couldn’t talk at school at all and so I had to keep my mouth shut. My teachers asked what was wrong and I kinda mumbled my reason…Basically, I try food that you can compress with your tongue, and it kinda dissolves. Not many food do that, but so far I’ve tried Twix and crackers, after sucking on them they dissolve and you can swallow. It’s still painful, but I keep my mind busy so I don’t think about the pain. It’s one of the easiest solutions. But, I know all of this will pay off, because I’ve seen photos and my sister got braces too. It was really cool! 🙂

  46. Brian says:

    hey guys and girls. i’ve been having braces for quite a long time now… 1 year and 3 months… Yes, at first braces do hurt like hell because your gums aren’t use to all the pressure from the braces. The day i had it, it felt tight at first, but after a few hours, pain started building up in my mouth. felt like having all my teeth pulled out at once when i pushed my teeth with my tongue. mine stopped hurting after about 1 and a half week. but everytime i get them tightened, for some reason they keep hurting for a week, which sucks ass. So for those who don’t hurt as much after each tightening, good for you :(. I’m still not giving up on braces though, since seeing all my friends have them and after taken them off with all the nice straight teeth.

    braces are worth it!

  47. Brian says:

    btw, i’ve been having rubber bands for a month now, and man are they a pain in the ass too. oh and for those ppl who say they don’t hurt as much the first time they got it and they "go to work"which means ur more like an adult… orthodontists don’t apply as much pressure to adult since their gums have already hardened and by putting too much pressure on them, ur teeth is more likely to be pulled out than moved.

  48. I had no issues at all; no pain.  Here is my braces day story

    Now though, I still can’t bite down and chewing is still an issue.

  49. ashley says:

    hey i got my braces today at 10:30am wellz now its 10:09pm i dont feel weird at all and i have taken a whole bunch of pain killers so right now i dont feel anything!!! im feeling good for now!! im scared about tomorrow morning i hope im not in excrutiating pain cuz i gotta go to school, maybe while in school i might not think to much about the pain…wellz imma keep taken pain killers to kill the pain before it even starts.. i dont do good with pain! right now im lovin it!! poor me by tomorrow 🙁 !!!

  50. Diggs says:

    I got my Braces 2 days ago and they still hurt.  my teeth feel like there aboutto fall out but my freind who has braces just tears into food i hope i can do that.


  51. Emily says:

    I have braces on both the top and lower teeth and I still eat the same things I always have.  When you eat things that aren’t recommended, just break them up in little pieces first, and you can even chew gum as long as it is sugar free…otherwise it will stick.  The first week is the worst, but then it gets better…PROMISE!

  52. sydney says:

    well i am getting my braces tomorrow and i am really scared and i dont no what i am supposed to do also i heard that you cant feel your mouth for like 3 days and i am really scared


  53. Mary Anne says:

    I’ve had them for about 3 weeks now and the first 24 hours were okay. But the next morning, because of the spacers they put in my mouth was sooo sore. it hurt to eat anything even soggy french fries! and today i went to the dentist to get the spacers our and they took them out but they put these metal things in all around the recently new spaced teeth and it hurts sooo bad!! i can’t eat anything again. im hoping it will go away in a few days as i pop the tylenols. from what i hear, every dentist "tune up" will leave me feeling this way for the few days following…

  54. Sara says:

    I just got my braces at about 2:00 yesterday and at first they didn’t hurt at all… even after I ate a bagel they didn’t hurt. But then, a few hours later it started getting worse and now it is insane how much they hurt 🙁

  55. hannah says:

    well i go braces today at 9 and it only took about an hour and a half.I decided not to go back to school considering i still havnt gotten use to the look and feel of braces so i would recomend taking the day off! When i got home i ate because i knew that after the pain started i wouldnt feel like it. I took some motrin right before I went but the pain is starting to set it. But hey, spring break is comming up so maybe i will loose a few pounds before then! I will keep yall up to date on how it goes. After reading all the other comments im not looking foward to tomorrow morning!

  56. Ashley says:

    I cannot chew, plain and simple the bite plate stops my molars from touching! and even worse i can’t take the bite plate out!!! i can handle the pain but im not living of milkshakes for 2 yrs

    what should i do?????

  57. abbi says:

    I just got my braces on and it herrrrrrrts but the big problem is what the hell are we supost to eat forbreakfast besids oatmael. I know it will be worth it but I just wish it would be worth it sooner.P.S.I dont like oatmeal I think it started as animal feed and then said hey if we put anoumous amounts of sugar some looser eat it  

  58. Thomas says:

    I’ve had my braces for over a year now and although my braces hurt for a few days I get them tightened I live with the pain because I know in the end this will all pay off. I kind of like to bite down on my teeth to feel the pain because it’s tingly. 😛

  59. danielle says:

    I got my braces last Thursday, and i’m still in pain. I had NO idea it was going to be like this….

    I wasn’t expecting it to be perfectly great or anything, but i didnt realize that you can’t eat barely ANYTHING 🙁

    I don’t mind not eating much, as i could stand to lose about 10 pounds, but the bad part is that i just found out i’m pregnant and i feel bad because i feel like i’m not properly feeding my unborn child what it should be eating.

    Does anyone know when you can start to eat normally again?  I haven’t really read from the above blogs when the pain actually stops and when you can start to eat normal….

    Please help!


  60. tayla says:

    OMG i had retainers on my top and bottom teeth when i was 7 and they looked cute as. Then when i was 9 i got braces on the top and bottom of ma teeth cos i had lost all ma baby teeth and i got baby pink and they were gawjus and white elastics. i got em off when i was 11 and i wore retainers again. Then at the start of this year i got braces again because my jaw had moved back. Over the 5 years so far havin ortho work i havent had one pain killer. i think u guys r over-reacting abit i got them on both times durin the early morin and then went to skool as usaul, ate everything normal, slept normal and it was like i didnt even have them. I used wax like once when i was 9. But i used to hate goin school and every1 i talked to always was lookin at them not, in ur eyes and it was abit embarrasin and everybody used to pinch ma cheeks cos i had gawjus cheekes and they all loved ma braces. But other kids dont understand what its like to b asked about braces but every1 does anyway like how long do u have the for. well im off too get ma braces tightened lol:P seeyaaa good luck all

    MY TIP TO ALL OF U AFTERS EXPIRIENCE… get them tightened even more when the ortho say to tell when they hurt bewcause the more u tighten the less they hurt amazinginly.

  61. angelina says:

    i got my braces from fastbraces 2 months ago. it’s supposed to take a year or something so i have 10 months to go. i got my bottom ones done today and it hurts like no other. i have no idea how people do it for 4 years.

  62. Elizabeth says:

    Wow, this must be the place to be if you have brace pain. I’ve only had my for just over a year and they’re coming off in june. The only serious pain I had was for a few days after the tightining.(sp) Once the pain goes away, i practiclly forget they even exict. don’t stress yourself out ’cause of bad experiences.

  63. Frazz says:

    I got my braces on tuesday and now its friday and it still hurts when i eat! I tried to eat a burger and fries on wednesday and I ate about 8 fries and 1cm of the burger! It hurt a lot when i was chewing. But hopfully the pain of chewing will be gone soon. Im just living on soups, bannanas and custard!

  64. danny says:

    my balls itch every time i get my braces tightened….What do I do?

  65. EVIE says:


  66. Adam says:

    Hey everyone, i just got my braces on today around 10:00am. At first it was kindof weird with the procedure of putting them on.. but you could almost fall asleep… Walked out the clinic about 2 hours later.. everything was fine! I even went to Mc Donalds and got a thickshake (just to play it safe) and it was all good.

    Now here’s the bad part, 2 hours later i was sitting down and there was a certain clicking noise going on inside with the wire. 20 mins later one of my brackets came off and was just hanging on by the wire… 10 mins later a second one comes off! and this one is the one that holds the rubberband! mthe tension increased almost instantly.. The bad part: i have to wait 4 days to get it fixed!

    Anyway, I’ve been home now for aout 4 hours… The pain starts to kick in (im guessing it’s not in full-force yet) but I just took a pain-killer to get rid of it… I’m not really looking forward to waking up tomorrow morning after reading all these comments.. But ‘take the pain’ is what I stand by.. 7 more days and this’ll all be gone.. Yes it may hurt when getting them tightened.. But it won’t be a shock to the system..

    My advice, get them… Yes there may be pain, nothing that pain-killers can’t resolve.

    good luck to everyone who has/or is thinking about getting braces.

  67. Ken says:

    Just had my seperators installed…yuk.  I do find that getting a little drunk helps.  At least then I can eat something……soft.  I’ve certainly had worse pain though.  It’s not that bad.

  68. In Pain says:

    I got braces yesterday. It was fine if a little uncomfortable to start with (i even had some tic tacs) butit started to get worse around dinner i was eating some chicken and one of the links around the back of my mouth fell out. I was $#**(@ off thinking that they fell out just because i was eating chicken. any way the rest of the braces felt the same and werent loose and i went to bed quite happy. What woke me up at six was a different type of braces. I woke up with a jolt. It was like having several totthaches all over the mouth at once and the braces pushing them in so they hurt more. I hope the pain dies down soon or i think i might rip them out.

  69. taylor says:

    Help–i have broke my leg 4 fingures cracked my skull in the past 3 mounths–so i have had a bad 3 mounth–not everythings fixed cept im still learing to walk stright on my leg–no barce–{its required but} i don’t need it–im only 14 yerz of age–no rapest’s im not desprate so back off–anyway i just got braces today 5 hours ago–pain stop plz howanwser fast plz.

  70. Jodie says:

    right i had my braces on yesturday morning and they didnt hurt at all at the start. But then a couple of hours later i was in so much pain it was unreal!! there still hurting now but i suggest eating soup and spagetti and hot or cold drink .. pain killer do nothing ! also i suggest going to school because it really takes your mind off them. i hope they dont feel like this forever 🙁 but no pain no gain ..x

  71. ben says:

    ohh and btw i have now had my braces on for three days and i can alredi see a difference .. there may be pain but there worth it so get them 😀 !!

  72. Sarah says:

    i just got spacers and they hurt sooooooo bad! How will i be able to survive braces? Ahhhhhhhh!

  73. sarah says:

    how do i get one of these blog things? They are cool! :-))

  74. sarah says:

    why wont anyone anwser me?? 🙁

  75. owee says:

    omg i just got mine this mourning and yet i just ate general tso chicken lol. Every other bite i would cry out in pain and hold my mouth closed to keep from screeming. the pain is undescribalbe but these things wont keep me from eating the food i like!!! hopefully tommorow will be better…

  76. blob says:

    I got my braces today. Will it be worse tomorrow?

  77. well, i got my braces yesterday. i got them at about 11.30 am, and by 12.30 i was back in school and spent forty minutes at luch kissing a guy….heheh…(makes NO diffrence to how you kiss, by the way. at least i think so.) i was eating cheewing gum and everything, no bother.

    they felt a little weird, but i expected id get used to them in no time(i got braces on my bottom teeth a year ago, and they were fine.)

    but then i woke up this morning, and OWWWW!!!theyre still hurting!!i could only have soup for lunch, chewing gum was a BIG mistake, and it hurts to talk. two paracetamol hasnt done ANYTHING.

    lets just hope this pain subsides….its manageable, but just really annoying. also, i love my food, and its torture not being able to ear……

    good luck to all you guys….

  78. oops…i meant EAT, not EAR!!lol…

  79. HELP HELP HELP! Should i go through with this tomorrow. i dont know what to do. U’all scare me with ur comments. i read them all. i will go 2 jasper-Kizior. What the heck is a bite plate. I dont know if i have 2 have one of those or not. What r u’all talkin bout when u say rubber bands. i am freakin out. Cause some of u say go 2 skool afterwards and some say skip skool that day. But i have this big lucheon thingy and u have 2 b there. I wont b able 2 eat. my teeth hurt thinkin bout it. i dont know if this is worth it. i think they look cool but idk. r u’all exageratin or not. i guess it matters on how tough u r. No one but my parents kno i’m getting them tomorrow. Plz reply!

  80. Adam says:

    I myself didn’t have any pain whatsoever – only the annoying irritation and rubbing against the gum ect. (that was in the first week)

    I’m now on my 4th week with them and their a fact of life now, I only really ‘care’ about them when brushing or getting knocked in the mouth. Bands are annoying to replace every day and when eating they can get in the way, but you forget their even there 90% of the time.

    Trust me, if you can survive the first 3 few days or so (which we all do) then there’s nothing to fear!

  81. Andie says:

    Received braces a week ago and am still in pain! I even hate thinking about eating because the constant bumping of the teeth as they are shifting and the pain is extremely nerve racking! The braces themselves rub against my inner lip and creates sores and even if you place that wax on the brackets, you still end up talking funny and even looking funnier than you did without the wax! People can see the wax, plus the braces and your mouth feels like it’s sticking out a foot beyond where it should naturally be! Thank God I’m only needing them (the braces)for 6 months!

  82. Rachel says:

    teeth are hurting its horendous! I’m tring to do my work and therejust killing me.  Its not as bad if you have no gcse work to do but because I have got tests coming up they are so annoying! Had them for 3 days feel like I cant cope!

  83. Loz says:

    Just had braces yesterday, at first it didn’t hurt then all of a sudden my teeth started to ache! I can’t bite down as it hurts so much! Brushing is a nightmare, it takes me ages, but in the end it will al be worth it 🙂

    Been eating off mashed potatoes, bananas and smoothies!!

    Asprin has been a total relief as well!

  84. Toby says:

    I wanted braces when i was 12. So tired of all the kids calling me bugs bunny in school. It was so bad that when i misbehaved in class the teacher didn’t put a cone on my head but bunny ears. Now here i am at 25 and adults call me bugs.(i kicked their ass) I have the spacers in and they’re uncomfortable can’t eat what i want, mostly soft foods. Getting the braces tomorrow finally! No pain no Gain.

  85. Benita says:

    ahhh, i’m getting braces the 14th, and i have a dance performance 2 days later.. idkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk i dont think i can do that =x

  86. Daisy in New York says:

    To 333OW – your dilemma is mine exactly. I’ve had a biteplate for 5 days now, and can barely chew because my molars don’t meet. I’ve already lost 2 pounds which is bad because I’m pregnant. Has it gotten better for you at all? Any tips on chewing with a bite plate?

  87. Jeremy says:

    I got my braces half way kinda (no band, wire) about 3-4 weeks ago, they didn’t put on the band, and wire because there was no space and I needed to get 4 teeth pulled =x I got all 4 teeth pulled, 2 a week after I got the brackets on, then the last 2 a week later. I was afraid of getting a dry socket lol. The seperators sucked! I got tired of them so I took them out by myself a week after they were in…Anyway I went in yesterday and got my band and wire put on. (Thank god the bands fit since I took out my seperators or that would have been another 1-2 weeks I would of had to have them in again) Well it was fine until I got home and oh boy instant toothache and headache. I took some painkillers, they worked ok =/ Woke up today and it’s even worse. My teeth are so sensitive that even the slightest touch makes me wanna cry lol. I think other than the tooth pain the most annoying thing is the inside of the bands, they keep cutting up my tongue. I put wax on them but it just keeps falling off >.< Anyways I’m just ranting here lol, everyone GL with your braces ! =P

    PS. Sometimes when I put pressure on my teeth the pain goes away, but once I stop the pain is horrible! Does anyone else experience this?

  88. Jeremy says:

    My teeth are feeling a lot better now, I can actually eat stuff now lol…

  89. nicole says:

    OMG i am getting spacers on July 9th and braces on the 16th…. i am soo scared!

  90. Joe says:

    I just got braces 2 days ago.  They are no fun.  The actual thingys on my teeth are okay. its the bands.  Attached to my bands on my bottom teeth is a long wire going around the back of my teeth about a 1/4 of an inch.  Which sucks.  It is for my tongue spur, whatever that is.  It cuts up my toungue sooooo bad.  Yeah… thats it.  My litle sad story.  Bye

  91. originalswooshgirl says:

    getting nervous for my braces being fitted…having top and bottom and worried about the pain but really want straight teeth.. have left it late as am 37 now and will need to wear them for about 2 years .. have got this horrid bite plate at the mo and bands on.. lots of rubbing on tongue and inside of cheeks and can’t talk or eat properly..

    still trying to keep positive.. am a primary teacher too so hard to do my job as need to talk all the time!!!

  92. Lola says:


    I just got my braces on Tuesday. I’m in the same exact situation as you: 30 years old and a school teacher. I’m excited for the end result, but these last few days have been painful. (Not even close to having a baby for all of you who keep saying that but have never gone through it) My main problem is that the inside of my cheeks and lips are so torn up because every time I talk or smile my braces cut into them. I now have 4 canker sores in the inside of my mouth. The actual tooth pain is not horrible – it hurts but it’s bearable. I have found that if I put pressure on it the pain will go away (temorarily).

    Good Luck to you!

  93. sammy says:

    i am getting retainers in 5 days and can’t wait!!!

  94. originalswooshgirl says:


    mmm sounds horrid but bet we both glad when we have nice teeth!

    we got two inspection days next week …

    i get my braces tuesday!!!

    can you eat … i struggling wiht any food and cant taste any thing wiht bite plate… anyone got ideas about those horrid contraptions…

    nice to hear other people getting braces later on in life… thanks for good luck message will let you know how i get on..

    hope your mouth gets less sore soon..

  95. metalmouth says:

    i got my braces on yesterday, the pain wasn’t all that bad until later. i also have rubberbands, so i have the pain all you guys are talking about plus the pain of the rubber bands! hopefully the braces will pay off in the end [2 years from now]

  96. roger says:

    I just got my rubber bands (elastics) in today.

    and they are a pain

    hopefully it will go away.

    since i need to use them for the next few days.

    i really need to get my teeth white

    i feel embarressed.


    what should i do?

  97. Sammy says:

    IT is kinda good havin this and it hurts a bit at first but after it’s ok once you get accustomed to it.

  98. sammy says:

    keep it real.just try whiting stuff and clean harder.

  99. paige says:

    roger ,try harder to clean and use whiting stuff and it’ll work ,hopefully for u.

  100. angelgirl says:

    hi im geting braces next week and they have to pull some teeth cause im crouded if any of you tell me what i can eat plz im get pink   thank you

  101. angelgirl says:

    hi im back im get my braces tommarow  woohoo they will hurt like hell

  102. john cena says:

    hi im john cena when i was 19 i had braces now im a raw superstar you can t see me

  103. Anavi says:

    heh, this post has lasted a long time

    I’ve had braces for two years now and it doesn’t bug me soo much when i got them tightened it was when i get new wires.. ohh man

    or the chains.. those hurt really bad

    i have a few more months to go… just finish this wire then get rubber bands and BOOM i’m done!

  104. Brandon says:

    Hey everyone, i gt my braces 2 days ago andts not that bad. The first day you get them on it doesnt hurt, but when its morning your teeth are so sensitive that if you breath wrong they hurt. The next couple of days you can start to eat solid food but i would be eating food as hard as a rock, the pain will just come back again and it’ll be worse

    P.S. whatever you do try not to rip the braces out of your mouth lmao… good luck!!

  105. my braces hurt !

    i me4an i’m dieing it wasnt them OFF now!!!!

    damit oww it kills

    i just got the this morning it want to go to the hospital it hurtys too much!!!!!




  106. my braces hurt !

    i me4an i’m dieing it wasnt them OFF now!!!!

    damit oww it kills

    i just got the this morning it want to go to the hospital it hurtys too much!!!!!




  107. shelby says:

    I’m confused!!!!!! half of yal say it herts really bad!!! and the rest say it dont hurt!!!!!!Who do I belive!?!?!?!

  108. danielle says:

    i got my braces yesterday morning. it didn’t hurt at all getting them on. when i first got them on it felt really weird and my mouth felt huge. but other than that i was okay. until about 11 that night i was okay. it was a little sore though. i woke up this morning and my mouth is in some serious pain. i can’t finish anything i eat. eating is no longer one of my favorite things to do haha! luckily though, i only have the top done. but i do have to get two teeth pulled (baby teeth that decided to never fall out!). so i’m really not looking forward to more pain!

  109. Jas says:

    Well i got my braces yesterday at about 2:00, and it wasnt all that uncomertable. Until, i got home and ate soup. It was so hard to bite down because the biteplate covered my chewing teeth. And now i have sores on the sides of my tongue making it even harder to swallow ANYTHING. My teeth feel like their gonna fall out, their so heavy. But Im scared about getting them tightened ;

  110. Emma says:

    omg i got mi braces on yesterday, and it didnt really hurt the first day, now im in the 2nd day and in the morning i thought i was guna die, the pain was AWFUL, but then I took an advil and the pain went away, but i still cant chew except with my very back molars. so im like living on pudding, mashed potatoes, jello, and milkshakes rite now and I hope as soon as 2 more days pass i can actually b able to CHEW!! lol thx god i didnt need any expanders and i gotta wait 8 weeks to get colors… tht sucks but o well good things r worth waiting for unless they tighten my wires…..oh no thts guna be a trip.

  111. tjd says:

    im getting braces this thurday…and i am very anxious because of all the bad comments.  i hope everone is just over exageratting…but i will see how it feels when i get them..and i wont be sissys like the rest of yu..and complain……JUST KIDDING JUST KIDDING !!…i no it probably hurts ..but i’ll get use to it……..( hopefully )…post again when i get them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. tjd says:

    im ment

    "I’ll post again when i get them "

  113. tyler says:

    what should i eat!!!

    ive had 4 yogurts yesterday and im getting sick of them!

    i have hooks on my back mullers and they kill! it hurt to talk. now i put wax on them on they feel a little better.

  114. t2 says:

    ahh im getting mi brraces in exactly 24 hours…please comment me and help me!!!!!!

  115. Karen says:

    Well, hello all!

    I got my braces put on yesterday at 10am. I took longer than expected as my doctor forgot that I was allergic to nickle. So, they had to make some quick adjustments…first, they had to use some nickle free wire, but they also had to adjust how they were going to hook my brackets as I can’t wear the metal bands.

    So, because of that I think the process a little easier for me. Therefore, yesterday, I felt almost no pain. However, this morning is a different story. My teeth feel very sore, brushing was quite painful. Thank GOD, I only got the top done!. Almost to cut down on any additional pain I bought campbell’s cup soups so that I could drink my lunch/dinner. Also, I have learn to like ensure…homemade vanilla with protein is the best as it fills me up.

    I pray that it doesn’t get any worse than what I have experienced thus far as I have 36+ months to go or so they say!

  116. Kim says:

    My son had his braces put on this morning & he has never been more  miserable!!

    He can’t eat anything, even the thought of

    chewing brings pain to him. He has sores all over his mouth & the brackets hurt soooooooo bad. It sux!!!!!!!!

  117. kayla says:

    Well, I’m getting my braces August 9th, 2007. And I have a few questions.

    How bad is the pain on a scale of 1-10? (1 being a papercut, 10 being like a car accident.)

    Will it affect my speech?

    Will it affect my mood? My looks? My personality?!?!

    I’m 13. 🙂

    Answer quick!

  118. Kathryn says:

    Hiya im having mine on in 53 minutes and i am so worried my dad is gonna pay for colours in them so they look pretty i want to know is r u in constant pain im really worried?

  119. Kathryn says:

    Hiya kayla no it doesnt affect your moods you get a slight lisp in your speech and i would say a 3/10..x im 13 too and i have just had mine put on and i have baby pink and baby blue bands 😛

  120. chels says:

    i got my braces on today and a few months ago i had 4 teeth pulled and now the dentist is telling me that i need to have my wisdom teeth pulled out soon, so that sucks. my mouth hurts bad and im so hungry but i cant eat coz it hurts. having braces on feels so weird and i hate it. but hopefully ill have really good teeth by the end of this. my teeth are so crooked it will probably take 4 years.

  121. girlfriend says:

    hi my dentist pulled one tooth and they said i had to get braces but the never said when to go but i got to go back to the dentist next year im in middle school and i got crooked teeth im a 6th grader an i dont want to wait 4 years help ;>( help me and how much do braces cost ty

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  123. Kat says:

    I just got my braces yesterday it hurts so bad Im wondering if its even really worth it. It is so uncomfortable and I hate to drink or eat it feels so wierd. Sometimes I have pliers in my hand and its pure will power to keep me from yanking them off. I really don’t think it’s worth it, it hurts so bad and I don’t think its worth having metal stuck to your teeth for eighteen months.

  124. angelgirl says:

    ooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmgggggggggggggggggggggggi love braces the feel so good  ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh

  125. carmen says:

    ok. so i got those little thingys on 5 of my upper teeth now. No pain whatsoever. although its really uncomfortable because whenever i try to smile or open my mouth, it scratches my gum. now I need to get 4 teeth pulled out, put on those little thingys on every one of my tooth, and get my teeth connected with a wire, etc. they tell me I need to have them on for about good 3 years. but I need to leave the country in a year so, so I hope that I can find a good orthodontist who can go on tightening my teeth in the new country im moving to,

    btw I can’t wait to enjoy the pain of getting the wire put on. i hope it doesn’t hurt as much as the time when I had my nose surgery. I cried my eyes out right there. but the pain only lasted for about 4 minutes lol so it wasn’t that much of big a deal..

    but anyways, i hope to have my teeth fixed as soon as possible.

  126. Braces suck ppl! says:

    Ok ppl out there! Take care of ur teeth because if u have to get braces, listen to the other comments cause it’s true…THEY HURT!!! I got my braces yesterday at 10 am and putting them on didn’t hurt at all. Only at lunch did it all start to go downhill. I was chewing my food when all of a sudden i felt this sharp pang go through all of mi teeth. IT HURT LIKE HELL! I can only swallow small bits of foods and it takes me like an hour to eat half of my food. it totaly sucks. I even tried tylenol and relafin but it still hurts. So take it from someone who has it for more than 24 hours, take care of ur teeth because it saves u not only $, but also a lot of pain.

  127. carmen says:

    can I ask yall who live in USA a couple of questions.

    How often do you have to go get your teeth checked up? and each time, how much do you have to pay?

    I’m from England and I’m moving to the States at the end of this year.(earlier than I expected!)I’m getting proper braces this monday and I’m very much aware of the fact that I need to get the braces tightened frequently. I have no clue how much the each visit to the dentist costs in the States so I really need your help.

    Thank you in advance.

  128. hannah says:

    braces didnt hurt me at all it hurt the first hour and that is all

  129. miley says:

    braces dont hurt people just exagerate a lot i have had mine for 2 years they do NOT hurt after i got them if your gums swell up it is because you arent brushing well or there is cement irritating them. TAKKE GOOD CARE OF YOUR TEETH

  130. caitlyn says:

    the (thingys)on the side of your teeth are called brackets aka braquets and if they scratch your cheek or mouth get the wire cut OR use wak that the ORTHODONTIST gives you

  131. Quinn says:

    Braces. Hm. Theres a few things to say. First is that most braces will probably hurt when you first get them then you’ll get used to them. They also may hurt when you get them adjusted. Here are some remedies. Try sucking on a piece of ice, this might help numb the pain. Make smoothies out of fruits with minimal sugars so as to not gather bacteria and such on your teeth. Also smoothies taste good and they can be healthy too. If your a big fan of apples, try them sliced or maybe if you like caramel candy try try the soft kind on your apple slices. If some food hurts to chew cut it into small bites. If none of these will work you might try something like tylenol or advil. Remember these won’t be permanant and you’ll probably be happy with the results.

  132. Hope says:

    well the actuall fitting of the braces is not painfull in anyway it just felt wierd. I was used to the idea of braces as most of the people in my year have them and they seemed fine no pain  but then they had had theres for years.On the day of the fitting i was fine no pain just discomfort i took nurofen which im  sure it works.3am i wake up in serious pain but im too tired to stay up so i just take nurofen and fall asleep.Next morning i wake up and the pain is not too bad its more discomfort.Then i brushed them BAD IDEA then they started to hurt but i cudnt not brush them!!i find what helps is rather than wallow in self pity just find something to distract yourself i find it always works with most pain if you forget it goes away!! Also another good pain relief is Tea a nice hot cup of tea.heat will help soften the metal and make it less tight.What makes me feel better is the fact that the pain means that the braces are working and straightening my teeth even though i often felt like pulling them out!i cant wait to get them off in a years time!!

  133. madison says:

    this is wierd but what i find helps is going into a hot bath submerge your mouth under water then open it and breath through your nose. wierd i know but it really works!

  134. Jewel says:

    well i had my braces for about..3 weeks now and i had them tightened today, i actually dont think its that bad, i jus listen to sum music to get my mind off it, drink cold drinks and keep my lips away from my teeth(dont ask how) i think ill be okay, im seeing a huge difference in my teeth(pobably because im only 14) but yah i cant wait for school!!!:D:D:D

    good luck with braces everybodyyy

  135. dakota says:

    ive had my braces on since the beginning of sixth grade. And now that summer is almost over and im going into highschool as a freshmen i cant wait to get them off. my appointment is set for september 7th and im getting so excited. However, ive heard that gettign them off hurts alot and people are telling me that they got white spots on their teeth after they got them off so im a little bit worried about getting them off. does anyone have any advice about how to minimize pain? Well i guess the only thing i can do is wait and see what happens. Only 12 more days to go and im counting down.

    good luck luck to everyone else

  136. Ed says:

    Went to the Orthodontist today at 9am and got out at 10am. At first it didn’t really hurt too much, but at around 12PM is when it started to hurt. By the time I arrived back home from school I could not eat. It kills just to softly bite on your teeth.

  137. Lizz says:

    arrrrrrrrrrr got them yesterday…..aroung 3 pm

    it is 9:45 now….arrrrrrrrrrrr

    saveeeeeee meeeeeeeeee

    ill tell yall when my mouth is totally out of pain for you future bracefaces like me 😀

    mine are light green and turquoise

  138. lizz says:

    oh god….i just relize that my teeth were hurting because my tounge was pushing on my teeth


  139. Lizz says:

    im fine

    and if you just got your braces

    just deal with it

    it goes away

  140. no more pain says:

    for me the wrost was not the pain on the teeth, but the brackets rubbing against my gum… but just deal with it its not that bad

  141. Elise says:

    Ok….so i just got my braces on yesterday morning at 9 am… My case is a little different because i have a fake tooth in the very front. I always have had a retainer with a tooth on it, they call this device a flipper. well anyway. they basically just connected my fake tooth to the bracket, after snapping it off of my retainer. THIS IS A PAIN IN MY BUTT! my fake tooth feels like it is just hanging there ready to snap off. im a 21 year old girl, and i only have to wear these for 9-13 months. the pain is awful. i cant keep my mouth closed. i cant eat. ive lost 4 pounds so far, in 48 hours. im scared this tooth is gonna break off. this is horrid. i have to also get an implant in 6 months which will hurt, but the end result should be nice.

  142. go away braces says:

    They hurt like heck for so long. I got them two days ago and they still hurt!

    p.s they are red 🙂

  143. Kimberlyy <3 says:

    Goshh.Braces hurt like a b*tch.

    I got mine on yesterdayy and the pain is horrible.

    I keep looking in the mirror and putting more wax on but it hurts to do even that.

    I can’t brush my teeth properly either!i can’t even believe i wanted them.

    It sucks aswell because it seems as if everything i like to eat is stocked in my house and i can’t eat it!=[

    my smile better be frikkin awesome when i get them off or i’ll kick something.


  144. PAIN KILLERS=BFF says:

    I was told by my orthodontist that Nurofrn may stop the pain but it can stop the moving of the teeth at all.Making the treatment time longer.

    Its going to have to move anyway so let it.

    Just take Panadol or Advil.

    Its better.

  145. carmen says:

    Only if these harsh brackets could stop rubbing themselves against my delicate gum.

  146. QQ says:

    Just got them 3 hours ago and starting to hurt now 🙁

    My back teeth cant even really form a bite so eating dinner is going to be hard!

  147. ashalee says:

    im getting braces tomarrow. you all are pussys.

  148. Tamera says:

    I got my braces on last wednesday. My back teeth don’t touch. That sucks. It feels like my bottom brackets are hitting the top of my front teeth. Is this normal? I chew like a 5 year old. When I eat I get food stuck in between the wires. Yucko. I’m a 27 year old sales professional….afraid that I have food in my braces when I speak. LOL…oh well, a means to an end…

  149. TeamBennett says:

    I just got my braces removed 2 days ago after 18 months on my gums being cut, wearing rubber bands not to mention trying to yawn without opening my mouth so I wouldn’t break a band. It is soooooo worth the wait. I got my plate yesterday for my top teeth and that hurts :'( I only need to wear it for 6 months but how tempting is it to now wear it but then all that pain and frustration will be for nothing.

  150. TeamBennett says:

    Elise that must be a horrible feeling. As someone also said a blender will help. Make smoothies and such. Pasta is easy to chew too. The orthodontist know what they are doing so as much as you say it feels like the tooth will snap off im sure they would not have done it if that was the case. Goodluck and enjoy your beautiful teeth 🙂

  151. stef says:

    i got my braced today n i have had no pain at all so far like

  152. Braces D2 not hurt! says:

    I HATE BRACES! But i hav frends that hav them and they don’t hurt me, but i still hate them! They hert 4 3 daz after i got them. i just got them titend but they dont hert. just fokis on somthin els and the pain wil go away! mi braces r stupid!

  153. MaddieHatesBitePlates says:

    After 6 excruciating months, (I really don’t know how I lived! ) I got my bite plate taken off ! That thing came from hell ! I couldn’t dictate anything which is more worse for me than some people because I’m in a magnet drama (I go to a school of the arts where you have to audition to get in.). The bite plate gave me the WORST buckteeth EVER,and seperated my first four teeth like crazy, lets see how long it takes till my teeth go back to being perfect front teeth. And I don’t know what you guys were talking about when you mentioned taking it off because mine was unremovable ! Well you might think things are all jolly and good now , right ? WRONG !!! My bottom teeth on which the bite plate laid on are really sore, the gums that the bite plate covered when it was in my mouth are super swollen and bleed from time to time, and I look like a retard with really bad buckteeth ! Before  I had braces I had perfect front teeth. Now my front teeth go WAAAAAYYY over my bottom teeth and theres a huge gap I CAN FIT ALMOST MY HWHOLE TONGUE THROUGH THERE !!!

    i wish the best of luck to people who have/are getting bite plates 🙂



  154. Crystal L says:

    I got my braces put on almost 2 weeks ago, I didn’t have a whole lot of pain, just uncomfortable when trying to eat, been eating mostly soups, and yogurt/ice cream. Then a week later I had to have all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled, this is where the pain comes in, OMG, i can’t eat, sleep or anything, I’m in so much pain, I lost almost 10 pounds in less than a week. I never got a change to get used to eating with braces yet, and now I have to try to eat with the braces and then with the pain I have in my whole mouth! I’m kinda glad I had it done altogether anyways, get it done with. Hopefully I won’t have to have the braces on for any longer than I have to. Before I  get my braces off I have to have jaw surgery to align up my jaw because of my overbite and plus my jaw is crooked, I definately won’t be able to eat after that. Does anybody else have loose teeth after getting their braces put on? I noticed today that I have 2 loose teeth :

  155. David Wright says:

    I’m going to have a stroke….I just got mine yesterday morning. It wasn’t so bad until today….when my rear most bracket fell off. Now I have to see what needs to be done as I was scheduled to go back in 4 weeks. Sigh 18 months of this…I’m going to be a rail since it seems like its going to be all liquid for me.

  156. Alex says:

    My braces hurt so bad that I want to hit a wall and rip them out of my mouth.  Things taste terrible and my tongue burns like it is on fire.  Has anyone had these problems??  All I can say is that this bites!!  LOL

  157. Eric says:

    I got braces 2 weeks ago and they still hurt to chew soft foods. My orthadontist sais this is normal…its been 2 weeks thats not normal, I think I am just going to rip them out. I dont need braces that bad anyways my teeth looked fine before I had them on and now my teeth are overlaping, screw this

  158. Lisa says:

    I got my braces on thursday at 10am, i went to school and it was fine, just a little weird getting used to. But then by mid-afternoon, WOWOWOW the pain was excruciating, i felt like getting pliers and cutting the wire. I didn’t even LOOK at my dinner because I just know it’s not worth it, even soup with soft pasta is killer.

    I really hope this is worth it in the end.

  159. charley says:

    omgggggggggg my inner lips r all cut!! this is terrible. this is my 3rd day with braces/ will my lips heal?? i feel like pullin them out. please some one tell me if its normal for my inner lips to be all cut

  160. D'ANDRE' says:

    i’m getting braces on oct/16/07 and im excited and scared at the same time

  161. charley says:


    my first 4 days with braces were awful, however today is my 5th and there fine. i hope i havent spoke to soon. i cant belive how the pain has just dissapeard???!!! my gums were all cut, but there fine 2 now! tahnk god!!!!! :):):):)

  162. sheridan says:

    Hey i got my braces todai at 9:30am and after wards the braces felt tight for about and 1h then after that hr the pain was like having spacers in but in all you teeth, its not a big deal of a pain i just took some pain killers and most of the time put up with the pain but hey its all worth it in the end 🙂

  163. courtney says:

    so i just got my braces yesterday, now before i got my braces i had to have spacers and my teeth are really really close together and ppl told me that the braces would hert worst.  well i can’t say they were right but i can’t eat amy soild foods and i have a bar across the top of my mouth that is rubbing on my tung the rest of the braces im fine with but this bar is rubbing to the flesh of my tung clean!!!!!!!!!!

  164. Braces are a nightmare says:


    I got my braces done on the 10th of January 2007.

    Now it’s the 16th of October 2007

    So I’ve had my braces for about 7 months.

    When I first got my braces done, they hurt ALOT! I spent a week nearly crying because of the pain I was in. This is embarrassing to say but I thought I was going to have my two front teeth pulled out by these braces.

    A couple of months later, I got my wire changed and got different colours. (For my top set of teeth) And it hurt, exactly like the first time. But I was kind of used to it, and I was happy aswell because when I woke up my teeth were straight…kind of.

    I’ve had my teeth looked at just like I should 🙂


    I had around about 14 pieces of huge bubblegum in my mouth, happy blowing massive bubbles.


    I had a sore mouth for ages! I can’t wait for my next appointment for my orthodontist! I feel like my two front teeth are overlapping again! I HATE IT! I’M SO SCARED

    I don’t know what to do please help me I’ve got about 3 more weeks untill my next dental appointment and this isnt funny I’m litrally thinking my two front teeth are coming out!

    I’M ONLY 11! >_<"

    I don’t want faulse teeth! 🙁

  165. Ouch! says:

    ouch! i have spacers right now and they hurt when i eat! I’m getting my braces on next week and after that i have to get my wisdom teeth plus 4 others to make room for my teeth to move in. Now i think i’m going to be in a lot of pain! :0 the good thing is i get to miss school for a few days! 🙂

  166. princessbb8 says:

    im in pain feel faint and cannot talk. i got a poxy plate at the back of my mouth and struggle to talk. i have a removable one. and it kills.

  167. Izzy says:

    Ive had my braces for a year and.. 5 months.. i just got elastics, and i have to wear them over night. But for some reason every time i wake up, one of the elastics have gone? Does anyone else have this? Where have they gone?

    And.. oh i totally empathise with the pain people have… =[. best way to lose weight though!!

  168. Izzy says:

    Ive had my braces for a year and.. 5 months.. i just got elastics, and i have to wear them over night. But for some reason every time i wake up, one of the elastics have gone? Does anyone else have this? Where have they gone?

    And.. oh i totally empathise with the pain people have… =[. best way to lose weight though!!

  169. Ouch! says:

    I got my braces two days ago in the morning and it doesn’t hurt that bad the next day like everybody is saying! it does hurt if i try to eat but not to the point where i want to tear them off! I haven’t even taken any painkillers.

  170. Braces hurt ppl! not really says:

    Hey everybody, I have braces and I remember when I first got them a couple months ago. Remember "Braces Hurt Ppl" that was my comment in august on this page. Well I jst had my 2nd visit and I got elastics. for the first week, eating food was unbearable and I could’nt even fit a spoon in my mouth(well I guess I have a small mouth) Well nyway jst to those ppl out there getting braces or already have them, they aren’t that bad after a while. Anyway the pain is worth your mouth’s perfection.

  171. Kim Buchanan says:

    I got my braces put on Tuesday 23rd October, they have now been on for 6 days and the pain hasnt stopped! The first day was okay but from that evening it has hurt, i havent been able to eat any solid foods so i have been living off soup and yoghurts! I have big cravings for crisps and mcdonalds! Three of my brackets have fallen off (1 on the first day, the other 2 on the second day) and i have to wait until tomorrow to get them sorted, so its been even harder trying to deal with it all because i’ve got three brackets that just keep swinging around and getting in the way. I am 23 years old and feel very conscious about my teeth, even more so now with braces – i keep thinking everyone is looking at me and laughing! I am supposed to have them on for about 18 months, i only hope that this pain does start to go away because it is effecting my normal daily life, i havent gone to work today because i am in a lot of pain! For the people that have been writing in this blog saying that we are liers and over reacting about the pain i only have to say that EVERYBODY IS DIFFERENT, AND SOME PEOPLE ARE LUCKY WITH PAIN, i would say that the majority of people with braces all say the same about pain! Reading all of this had made me feel better, theres obviously loads of us brace wearers!! I wish you all good luck, and hope to hear of more of your experiences of getting braces on and off. Happy liquid food eating for at least the next year!

  172. lgsunflower says:

    Hi, Was wondering if anyone has an expander with braces? If so, any tricks regarding speaking and tongue soreness? Easy foods?


  173. Cheryl says:

    I will be getting braces tomorrow, I really hope that I can deal with the pain. I plan to take pain meds before I get there and take some as soon as I leave. Hope all goes well. I will let you know how it goes.

  174. Cheryl says:

    Hey everyone I got my braces on around 10:30am this morning. My teeth are just now getting sore, it’s 4:50pm now. I hope that tomorrow goes just as well.

  175. R says:

    I got braces 5 days ago. they still hurt. i’ve got canker sores, ulcers, dry lips. i can’t eat anything. i can’t even chew soft food like bread. pain is killing me. i can’t even bite normally. i used to have deep nite. i just need to keep my mouth open now.

  176. frogfeet says:

    braces do not hurt at allllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    people that say they do are crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  177. princessbb8 says:

    Im fine now you get used to the pain and learn how 2 talk again no 1 even knows i have it…

  178. KATENASH says:



  179. Amywinehouse says:

    Had my braces tightened yesterday at 4.00pm wasn’t that bad for a while went to bed. Boy did it kick in the next morning! OW OW OW OW OW !! any solutions for this??!!!

    Please help


  180. Lizzy says:

    lalala im getting my bottom braces on tomorrow 🙁 agggg i lost like 5 pounds for the top 🙁


    they hurt bad when your teeth are more crooked and stuff

    i was able to eat like….normal food by uhhhh a week about 😀

    i cant wait to get them off

  181. Cheryl says:


  182. Lizzy says:

    sigh…..i got my braces at uhhhh 4:30 ish

    and it’s 7:51

    and they hurt like crap

    but my bottom teeth were all jacked up

    im taking a picture every day of them 😀

    i suggest other people do it to to show they DO help the first week or so when they hurt like crap 😀

  183. kelly says:

    How do i know if i need tee

    th pulled

  184. KATENASH says:








  185. Christina says:

    It seems that everyone has a different experience. For me, I got them 48 hours ago. The first 24 hours were not too uncomfortable, but the following 24 hours have been pretty bad. Not so much tooth pain, but the shredding of the inside of my cheeks and lips that I’m struggling with. Unfortunately, if wax is applied, it only prolongs getting accustomed to having the sharp, foreign object rubbing against such delicate skin. Sea salt rinses have been recommended, which I tried this morning and that seemed to help a little.

    I truly believe it will all be worth it. Remember, no pain, no gain : )

  186. cheryl says:

    well my bottom braces are on now and I keep bitting my jaw. This never happened when I just had the top braces. I can see some progress with the top ones, and I have only had them for about a month. Good luck to all that are getting braces. I think that it will all be well worth it in the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  187. KATENASH says:

    What process do you go through when you need eztractions?

    Can extractions be done whilst seperators/spacers are in?

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  189. Rick says:

    I got my braces on Dec 12, two days ago. I also had two teeth extracted (baby teeth, still got em and nearly 19 years old), a filling, and a cleaning ALL in the same day. Talk about some pain………

    Day after im drooling everywhere, cant close my mouth and today I stopped drooling but my lips are dry as heck

    Didn’t eat anything for the first 35 hours, wasn’t even feeling hungry with all the pain. What a mistake getting those extractions done within 1 hour of getting the braces! They held my mouth open for like 3 hours and I was numb at the time, so it felt horrible on my jaw. I still can’t eat much, i’ve been living on pasta, and I find it hard to floss after EVERY meal because my teeth are so close together now. I have the ceramic brackets so they haven’t cut me yet

    Wish me luck

  190. KATENASH says:

    I would like that.

    The sooner the better!

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  192. KATENASH says:

    How are orthodontic spacers insterted into your teeth??

    I hardly have ANY space in between my molars :/

    I have a feeling its gonna hurt like crap!

  193. Danielle says:

    In the middle of June my top braces were put on. They kinda hurt for the first day or so, but then it was in the clear from then on. Today I had my bottom ones put on. And guess what? They also put these turbo bite things on the back of my two front teeth. OWWWWWWW. This is so much worse. People told me it would hurt, but not this bad. Oh well, I just gotta tough it out. Applesauce pudding and soup will be my new best friends for a while 😀 I’m gonna go crawl into a hole now until they feel better. haha :]

  194. Ashley Smith says:

    Today is my very first day with braces. I had to go to the ortho at 11 this morning. I was done at about 1! It took a long time. My mouth was so sore when I finally got to close it. My mouth just started hurting about an hour ago. It is about 5:30 right now, so I’m hoping and praying everything goes the same tomorrow.

  195. Electrotramp says:

    Gettin braces end of january 😀

  196. lauraa says:





  197. Webdesign says:

    I was totally fine… got my braces on at 9am and felt uncomfortable and tight but they were okay, until I went to sleep at 12am, no pain! I woke up in the morning and my mouth felt a little sore, but it was still ok… I ate breakfast and thats when it started… as soon as I bit down, I felt as though all my teeth were loose and about to fall out… I had to crumble my whole food into tiny bits and shove it to the back of my teeth which still hurt!  I took some pain relievers and it helped, but it sure did hurt even with it to eat… It has not even been a week and I want to tear them off 🙂  It is constantly uncomfortable, the only time it feels good is right after I brush my teeth or drink something totally cold!! I am going to try to use mouth wash with fluoride which usually strengthens and fights cavities on teeth!!  Hopefully the pain stops soon, and I don’t feel like all my teeth are falling out!!  And I only have the top done until next month… so maybe it will be better this way!! 😀  

  198. Vista says:

    It seems that everyone has a different experience. For me, I got them 48 hours ago. The first 24 hours were not too uncomfortable, but the following 24 hours have been pretty bad. Not so much tooth pain, but the shredding of the inside of my cheeks and lips that I’m struggling with. Unfortunately, if wax is applied, it only prolongs getting accustomed to having the sharp, foreign object rubbing against such delicate skin. Sea salt rinses have been recommended, which I tried this morning and that seemed to help a little.

  199. Stoffering says:

    so i just got my braces yesterday, now before i got my braces i had to have spacers and my teeth are really really close together and ppl told me that the braces would hert worst.  well i can’t say they were right but i can’t eat amy soild foods and i have a bar across the top of my mouth that is rubbing on my tung the rest of the braces im fine with but this bar is rubbing to the flesh of my tung clean!!!!!!!!!!

  200. Webhosting says:

    Elise that must be a horrible feeling. As someone also said a blender will help. Make smoothies and such. Pasta is easy to chew too. The orthodontist know what they are doing so as much as you say it feels like the tooth will snap off im sure they would not have done it if that was the case. Goodluck and enjoy your beautiful teeth 🙂

  201. Lana. says:

    I’m getting spacers soon and i have no space AT ALL in between my back teeth,

    people say spacers hurt the worst but im just reaslly scared about it.

    What if the spacers dont fit?!?!?!

  202. Babee says:

    Spacers in 11 days, extractions in 2 days, BRACES in 15 days!

    Woot !

  203. sophie says:

    Omg I got my braces yesterday x I had been irritatin my mates for weeks paniking about how sore it was goin to be x well I got them on and thought hey it doesnt hurt now maybe it wont hurt …….WRONG x I went back to school where my friend accidently hit me in the mouth not her fault she got tickled. When I was walking home I was in agony but it helps if you keep busy. I had pain killers they are my new best friend. I kept having painkillers every 4-6 hours. I went to bed and was a little bit sore then I woke up at 2 in the morning i was in so much pain I went down and had some paracetamol then i went back up to my bed and cried for an hour. I seriously wanted to pull them off they hurt so much all I kept saying was its not worth it. Then all of a sudden I realised to stop being a baby and it will be worth it. I woke up this morning and it wasnt too bad. It got worse but I did eat I had to I was so hungry. Now im sore again really sore I cried again and im not being pathetic as Im normally fine with pain. My tips are to keep drinking hot drinks it really does help . Eat very soft foods. Kepp your teeth and brace clean (makes the treatment quicker) do what the orthodontist tells you and make painkillers your new best friend ! (Y) good luck x I hope Im out of pain soon

  204. KATENASH says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAH YOU CRIED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  205. Jasmine aka Train tracks = says:

    Yea i kno ur thinking " UGGHH BRACES SUCK!" BUT THATS SOOO NO TRUE! i had mines for 7 months now and im still alive! so all u ppl complaining and wining need to get real! to tell u the truth, the MOST PAINFUL part about getting brace -for me- are THOSE EVIL SPACERS! i had 2 wear spacer for about 2 WEEKS! i was in so much pain i would break out in TEARS @ SCHOOL! YEP I CRYED! And all my friends that would see me cry thought i had my braces in already! so the pain won’t b that bad alllll the tym. Trust me u’ll get used 2 it. o yea and 1 veeeeerrrrry important tip**ALWAY USE MOUTH WASH AFTER A VISIT 2 THE ORTHO, IF U DNT MOST LIKELY U’LL GET A SORE THOAT****


  206. KATENASH says:

    im scared 🙁

    3 days till spacers 🙁

  207. hanley!1 says:

    omg, the spacers didnt even fit so she didnt oput any on! she only put one in!!

    now i have to go back for braces in 6 days but what the hell?? how are they gonna do it?!

    has anyone else ever had this problem?!

  208. Lorna! says:

    Hey y’all

    i just got braces like 2 hours ago, it feels alright.

    They look alright.

    Doesnt hurt much yet, im just freakin out right now for all the pain im supposed to be expecting 🙁


    omg the glue was just nasty, i still have the taste in my mouth eww!!

    but yeah it aint that bad

    SO FAR

    wish me luck!!

  209. Siobhan says:

    Oh my god

    So I went for a consultation today but now after reading this i think I may give braces a miss!

  210. Siobhan says:

    Oh my god

    So I went for a consultation today but now after reading this i think I may give braces a miss!

  211. KATENASH says:


    i got my braces on monday, two days ago.



    However, i cant chew 🙁

    and my teeth are so loose 🙁


    its not as bad as everyone else says uit is

    just do it, itll be over in a hurry.

  212. Leanne says:

    Wow, Well I’m not sure if it makes a difference that i got my braces on in my late teens..but since my jaw was done growing for the most part, getting braces hurt – alot!! I couldn’t eat solid foods for a good week, and I very much agree with everyone who posted that it felt like your teeth were going to fall out, on top of INTENSE night pains that would force tears from my eyes at night. While trying to sleep I had to try and keep my mind off the pain. Ice cubes, pain killers – none of which worked like the orthodontist said. LOL anyhow I am getting my braces off in 3 days and I am extremely excited..I believe every last toothache will be worth it, Now I’m just scared of having the sensation that my teeth are falling out when they scrape off the cement!

  213. caramel says:

    i’m gettin braces next monday… the only thing i’m worried about is the pain i heard everyone complained about with eating. my gosh i don’t know how i’ll make out in that area hehhe. keep u guys posted! until then… xoxoxo

  214. KATENASH says:

    Caramel dont worry its really not that bad

    Yeah it does hurt but if you only eat soft foods like yoghurts and noodles, and keep your mind occupied you’ll do fine.

    And try not to push on your teeth with your tongue, that was the main problem with me 🙁

  215. caramel says:

    hey thx kate i’ll keep that in mind =)

  216. KATENASH says:

    when do you get yours caramel?

  217. caramel says:

    i just got them placed today…. for the first 15 mins my speech was slurred it feels so weird under my lips, but i guess over the days it will take getting used to. EATING is my problem right now, i had soup and later i had jello (i rinsed/brush in between) but i don’t seem to enjoy food as i did before 🙁 FLOSSING is a pain in the butt… that’s another thing i got to master hehhe but it’s okay overall.

  218. Ron says:

    Got my braces yesterday (upper only) the first day wasnt that bad for me the next day when i woke up and went to have breakfast i relised then that i should avoid solid foods, so i went out and bought cup-a-soup and been having those for breakfast/lunch/dinner 🙂 my dentist said its only like this for the first couple of days so i guess next week ill be back to my normal diet.

  219. KATENASH says:

    Yeah it takes about a week to get used to.

    I’vehad mine bout a month, and i barely even know theyre there.

    The only time i remebver is when i look in the mirror or when im fiddling around in there with my tongue and they cut me 🙁

  220. KATENASH says:

    i spoke too soon..

    mine are cutting into my lips BIG TIME !!!!!!!

  221. Gladis says:

    I am getting my braces in two days! I’m excited despite all the stories of terrorizing pain. Does anyone have any smoothie recipes? I am trying to prepare myself for the pain so I’d like to stock up on the appropriate foods. Thanks.

  222. None says:

    I just got my braces today, i can deal with the pain but not the way I look now 🙁

  223. Bizzy says:

    I hate people who are all like "your such a wimp" over it. Even if they had them before, they need to shut up and just know that people take pain in different ways. Stupid beotch.

  224. silvermist (caramel) says:

    Hey all… I recently started a blog on "Braces Review" @ I posted some pics of my case marking my 1st week in braces. It’s now been about 3 weeks. Anyway I’ll continue to update every month to keep track of my progress. It’s a blog for everyone (who’s already been braced, or those who are thinking about it). Thanx & enjoy =]

  225. aaron says:



  226. Katie says:

    I had my braces put on top and bottom, yesterday and to start with it was really ok, the metal felt weird under my lips and i felt kinda self concious but it didn’t hurt, by the time i had got home my teeth started to feel loose, and ache alot…by bedtime the pain was unbearable, i managed to sleep but i dunno how…i woke up this morning and my gums and lips are sore, but the pain isn’t so bad, about two of my really wonky teeth ache and the bracket at the back of my mouth means i can’t shut my teeth properly, like they don’t meet….anyone else have this? is it normal? i have read other people saying they had it…but it means i can’t bite or chew at all! i hate the pain, any ideas on good foods too eat, im gonna get sick of mash potato i think!!!

    i think it will all be worth it in the end!!!

  227. KATENASH says:

    Katie, you think this is bad?!

    I thought that when i got them on, till i went for my first adjustment 2 days ago.

    The pain is still right up there at a 9/10.

    it’s ridiculous!!

    I’ve been living off soup and water, and i cant bite down because my teeth are just that loose!!

    I’ve had braces 6 weeks now, and there’s a little improvement, but the pain level is just disgusting!

  228. stacy says:

    I jst gt my braces 2 days ago and they hurt! bt nt as much as everyone says. I can eat all da usual foods bt it jst takes longer for me to eat them and hard foods such as meat and crackers stuff lyk dat i still cnt eat tho. These braces are such a pain tho!!! i want them of nw! there soo uncomfortable and feel all weird, to think i hve 2yrs left of these things!!!!! kill me nw.

  229. amber says:

    ughh this is just myy second day with braces, at first it didnt hurt at all, i was just fine but the pain just began >:O im hungryy!! i tried eating but the pain just got worse i wanna pull them OFF >.<

    i miss eating DORiTOZ and GUM  >> and its onlyy been 2 dayys <<

  230. bobby says:

    wow.. im getting braces 2maro morning, and oyu guys make it sound horrible lol

  231. brian says:

    ok, so i got my braces yesterday right? i walked out all happy because nothing hurt, it was just a little pressure. i tried eating something, but i couldn’t find my natural bite in my mouth so it was a little difficult. nothing really hurt.. until i woke up this morning. i can’t eat anything, i can’t even bite down.

    today all i’ve eaten is slim fast, jello, and yogurt. however.. this is a good trick for anyone starving and wants something salty to eat, just take some chips and crunch them up on a plate, then just stick them in the back of your mouth and swallow. i’m enjoying them right now.

  232. Amanda says:

    I just got mine on today. The procedure of putting them on itself was pretty much painless, if not a little uncomfortable. The annoying thing is that one of the brackets feel off when I got home. Now I have to go back tomorrow when the pain supposedly seriously kicks in. Ah well. =(

  233. shasha says:


  234. Izzzzzy says:

    I wrote in October about my braces. and i got them off like.. a week ago!

    ITS AMAZING!!!!!!! 🙂

    i had them for 2 years.. every little bit of pain and ulcer is completely worth it people.

    I have to wear this see-through brace thing now , like a retainer. Wear it! Cause if you dont, the teeth wil just move  back!

    Fun pain guys ! =] xxxx

  235. Sophie says:

    I’m getting braces on next week. I’m not worried about the pain but the actual process of getting them put on. Do you feel like ur going 2 choke?

  236. Dey says:

    braces hurt like hell. I got mine on this morning and it is the worst pain I’ve ever felt and it’s not going away. I haven’t eaten anything at all today

  237. Gab says:

    Had braces on Wednesday.. they’re caining.

    Worst think is I worked all night on an

    essay last night- bad idea. I guess you

    need loads of sleep so they heal properly.

    Fine for me 😀

    Happy cause I just managed to eat

    some noodles, Good luck to fellow

    metal mouths! Or tinsel teeth as i prefer.

  238. bp says:

    i’ve had braces twice now. they suck. the first time was when i was in 3rd grade, and i didn’t remember them being this bad. i got them tightened this morning, and i got brackets on the inside of my mouth, so they could hook a rubber band onto them to the brackets below. this is bad now, but i did have to wear head gear while i was sleeping, and that was REAL torture. take tylenol……

  239. bp says:

    i need to go to the emergency room


  240. keshia says:

    Hi everyone, i have had spacers in from monday and the three days with them on they hurt but get use to it. i can eat a little better but still hurts. on monday may 12 i’m getting the back metal brace and then i have to take out 4 teeth and i’m so not looking forward to it. and then on June 10th i’ll be getting my braces put in.

    i’ll keep u all update!!!

  241. Danielle says:

    So I just got my braces on about two days ago..kind of.  I had most of the brackets put on and needed 4 extractions, and had two of them removed that same day.  Ow, that sucked.  I had to bus home with half of my face numb and bloody gauze in my mouth, haha.  In about a week I get the other two teeth removed and a week following I get the wires.

    Since I haven’t had the wires yet I don’t know how bad that will feel but right now I’m just tearin’ up at my cheeks being rubbed raw..I can’t wait till it gets calloused (sp?).

    If anyone wanted to know, I’m 17, 18 in a month and so happy about them and they said I have 24-30 months.  All I can recommend (and it’s not by experience) is just don’t miss appointments and if possible try to go in a few days early if they’ll let you, you never know how fast that’ll speed up the process.  😀

    Good luck to everyone getting or thinking about getting braces.  I think the experience will always be great if you’ve had any self-esteem issues about your teeth.  Or at least you’ll appreciate them more.

  242. Holly says:

    when i got braces the felt really weird and i couldnt really keep my mouth closed lol! After a while they started to hurt and i couldnt even touch my teeth together. i ate like a baby bird (it took a long time to eat!)but after three days i could eat again. The good thing about braces besides straight teeth is that they r really becoming in style becuz almost everyone has them 😀 just dont worry and you will forget about them

  243. Ben says:

    OMG braces suck soo bad, iv had mine for two days soo far and i can tell you, the teeth pain gets better but then after a day you start too get mouth ulcers caused by the brackets that hurt soo much. iv been told bonjela help the ulcers but please beleive me it doesnt. And iv only had my top ones in, im dreding getting the bottom ones in!!! 🙁

  244. pee says:

    its been on 24 hrs on me , u guys suck . getting braces ? you should be happy about it .

    it does hurt but only if you hit it . be disciplined . its expected that your interior will get cuts because of the wire . ouch . haha . but thats good , my teeth will be good after this . enjoy the pain =D

  245. pee says:

    btw , i cant bite properly haha . the cement on molars doesnt meet . i cant bite at all. hlysht .

  246. GeoFar says:

    Well i got my braces on 3 months ago and the pain everyone talks about is overexagerated its only mild discomfort the first few days!You cant eat properly so youll have to come up with creative techniques!Besides that its nothing to worry about!My teeth are really crooked and im just happy I will have a perfect smile.The end justifies the means boys and girls…. 🙂

  247. 12345 says:

    I had paid extra so that the orthodontist could put on the clear/ceramic brackets, but he ended up putting in the damon brackets, without giving much reason as to why… just that, "it’s faster, and less uncomfortable." I first had the top put on, since I have a deep bite, and he wanted my upper teeth to straighten out as much as possible first. I must say, I felt NO pain whatsoever. I am now six months into wearing braces, and a few days ago, I had the bottom ones put in, AND bite turbos on the back of my two front teeth. It’s really surprising my bottom teeth are THIS sore, because my top teeth had much more problems than my lowers. My bottom teeth are nearly all straight, with one that is slightly rotated, and that’s the side that is sore. Right now, the inside of my bottom lip keeps drying out, which is allowing the brackets to cut me up quite a lot. The most annoying part, however, are the bite turbos, which are keeping me from biting down at all, and they keep poking my tongue (they’re metal). Not sure how long they will be on, and how the heck they will work, but I trust my orthodontist, and I am just taking one step at a time, trying not to think about it. Oh well.

  248. rashann says:

    im gettin braces n yall r makin me gettin my spacers put on mon. and then the scared yo

  249. Vicky says:

    OMG! I got my braces on 3 days ago. I had braces a few years ago and I do not remember pain like this!! My teeth feel like they are going to fall out and the inside of my cheeks are completely ripped up! I have tried the wax but it doesnt seem to work. I was fine until the morning after i got them on. Chewing was not really a problem for me but the soars on my cheeks i can’t handle!! I hope the pain stops soon! My parents want me to go back and get them taken off! They do not think it is worth the pain! I hope it is!

  250. sierah says:

    I got my braces on 2 days ago and I am in PAIN!!!! I can’t eat anything.  Today I had soup, a yogurt drink, pudding and ice cream.  I’m in a bad mood.  I can’t wait to feel better about the whole braces thing.  I start school in 1 month and I want to be HAPPY.  

  251. Zoe says:

    I got my braces on yesterday, and all I can say is ow! Throughout the whole of yesterday my teeth just ached and ached. I can’t eat anything, I’ve had to swallow all my food down whole, and it really hit me today that I won’t be able to eat except for meal times because the elastic is too much hassle to take on and off! My left cheek is all cut up, and I’ve tried putting the wax on but it doesn’t help! Also, my lips dry up so quickly, and I can’t even lick my lips because the elastic won’t let me open my mouth more than 1 cm!

    Hopefully, my cheek will heal in a few days, and my teeth will stop aching. It’s a horrible feeling in my mouth, I just want to rip the braces out! Honestly, I don’t think it’s worth the pain!

    Oh well, only a year (hopefully less) to go!

  252. ErinioOfIron says:

    omg, i hate my braces! i hate them! i’ve had them for almost a year, and today i got them tightened, and my orthdontist decided to try something different, and now my mouth really hurts. again. ow…..:-(

  253. lottiie.x says:


    im enlish and i got braces at 11:00 yesterday

    i cannot stand this anymore !

    i wonder if anyone can help though..

    i am going on holiday in exactly one week today i really dont want to be in this much pain tohugh.. do you think the pain will go by then ??

    oo and btw pain killers dont wonrk for me my teeth feel num and kinda like plastic and they constantky ache i havent eaten since yesterday i just really want to know when the pain will get better

    oo and is the pain stopping gradual like does it slowly get better or just magically stop because i am on verge of getting a hammer to my teeth ? please someone reply about my holiday ?

  254. Jonathan says:

    I just got mine put on yesterday and they are really hurting and what makes it worse is that the dentist put these bite turbos on my two front teeth so I can’t even chew correctly and its soo annoying and odd having these things on! ughhh horrible

  255. lottiie..x says:

    Wel i made it on holiday and ii am currently havin a blast wiv mates!

    it has been exactly a week since i had fixed braces put in ..

    it was total agony but know im fine

    ye they still rub with the occasional twang of pain and thats mainly in teh mornings.

    ii just wanted o say to people who have just got braces that wel everyones different adn it only took me a week to get over teh first pain

    just hang in there becus my tooth has already moved and its looking gr8 so gud luk with treatment everyone and ii totally sympathise with your pain ..x

  256. lottiie says:

    oo nd btw ii still cant eat propaly lol but other than tht its all gud !! ..x

  257. Lisa says:

    I am 20 years old and decided to get braces it was a very hard decision. The first10 hrs were ok….it was a little weird though but i got over it. Today is my 4th day and it KILLS im starting to think i shouldnt have got them my teeth werent that bad. But i hope the pain goes away and the time flys fast.

    16 MONTHS

  258. BGBH says:



  259. Ellie says:

    Just want to leave a more positive message here for anyone who has just got braces or is about to get them.  I’ve had a brace on just my top teeth for nearly 3 months now, and trust me, the pain does get better!  When I first had it put on, it didn’t hurt at all for about a day (apart from feeling strange, but you get used to that).  After that though, it was pretty unpleasant (although probably not quite as bad as some people say here) but it gradually got better, and after a few days the aching was gone and it just hurt to bite.  I also had slight mouth ulcers from the metal scratching but I found that that also clears up after several days, I guess your mouth gets used to it or something.  I would say it took about 2 weeks before I could eat with no pain at all. It felt so much better after that though and I find I forget I’m wearing the brace most of the time.  I wonder whether I’m particularly lucky that it hasn’t been so painful for me, though – my brace is glued on, it doesn’t have any elastic holding it on, I don’t know whether that makes a difference.  Also, my teeth have only been moved a little bit so far to make room for another tooth that’s going to be pulled forwards, so maybe that one will hurt more.  There’s usually a bit of pain after I have a new wire put in as well, but not as much as at the beginning and it seems to be less painful every time.  To summarize, my experience of having a brace hasn’t been too bad so far and I think it will probably be worth it in the end.

  260. BraceFaceGirly says:

    Ok, I just got braces yesterday, full mouth.  They don’t hurt nearly as much as people make them out to be.  Getting them on, when they put the wire on, it may be a little uncomfortable, but that’s nothing.  The only thing that is hurting me is the dumb porcelain that is built up on two of my top third molars.  Until my Bite plate comes in, I’m stuck with that which make it hard and painful to eat.  But if I didn’t have the porcelain, I would be absolutely fine.  I was eating pork chops the day I got them. But everyone is different.  

  261. Ariana says:



  262. gfhgfhgfhfg says:




  263. Amy says:

    It’s my 5th day with braces. The first couple of days were so painful! It’s not as bad as now. My molars don’t hurt as much now, but my front teeth are killing me. I finally ate a subway sandwich today. I was able to chew on it but every time I had to take a bite with my front teeth a cucumber would just slide down my mouth because it was too painful to bite on it. I really hope by next week the pain will be gone. Can’t complain though, I am only going to have them on for 6 months. My ortho said 2 years but I said I just wanted straight teeth and didn’t want to fix my alignment and he said fine 6 months. I can’t wait till March!

  264. Christy says:

    My daughter Jessica,age 10, had braces and a jr applied 9 days ago. She still is in alot of pain, cannot eat solids and has mouth ulcers and sores fom wires. Needless to say she is miserable. She has a prescription mouthwash that has lidocaine and Benadrly but it tastes absolutely nastey and is hard to get a child to use. Is this amount of pain normal and will it subside soon ? This sure is hard for a chid (and mom) !

  265. Christy says:

    sorry for the missing letters-that shouild be she had braces and a jaw corrector applied.

  266. dani says:

    i just got self-ligating braces yesterday morning! my teeth aren’t hurting as much as described here 😀

  267. Mawuli says:

    well this my first time vitsiing this tie and my first 24 hours of braces are horrible when i went to the orthodontist and got them done i realy didnt feel anything then 3 hours into it i feel horrible. My top teeth hurt so much i cant bitte any thing and even the smallest amount of preausere hurts me i dont think i will be eating in a long time. I have tried pain realivers but it didnt have much  effect i hope i have them for less than a year i realy hope it is worth it.

  268. miryam. says:

    I got braces today at 9.30 and I was feeling confident because everyone told me that it was going to be okay and when they did it was. It didn’t hurt at all but it felt so weird. I also got these one things on my teeth so that I wouldn’t bite down on one of the brackets, this makes it so that my molers dont touch. After that my mom took me to Taco Johns; now this was a weierd experience. I got a soft shell taco, potato oles and a drink. The oles were very hard to eat because it felt like the brackets were going to come off if I bit to hard so I mostly just sucked on them until they were little tiny potato pieces. The taco was hard to eat to because it also felt like the brackets were going to come out and plus it was hard to eat with only the back part of your mouth touching. The funniest part was the drink with a straw. I had to like pull my lip out so that it would go over the braces and then when I put my lips together it was like there wasn’t any room.

    Right now it’s 6 PM and I don’t have any major pains, it just feels kinda numb. Those things they put on my molers are really uncomfortable and it hurts like crazy when I bite down on them so I think I’m going to drink some soup tonight, haha. And just live on drinks for a while because bighting down hurts way to bad. Stupid little things. But luckily they said I’ll only have to have them until my bite changes.

    I’m really scared for tomorrow morning because everyone is saying that it’ll hurt really bad but I hope it doesn’t. Waking up at 6 AM is already bad enough without pain.

    I hope this pain isn’t unbearable because I’m starting my first job on SATURDAY! And today is Thursday. I hope all goes good 🙂

    The one thing I’m looking forward to is drinking smoothies and blended iced coffees 😀

  269. Ray says:

    Ah….man I got my braces on this afternoon at 2…it’s 9pm now and the pain’s really starting to get to me.  It’s fine if i dont do anything, like if I just sit there with my mouth slightly open, but if i have to bite on something it kills…

  270. ano says:

    hey all, just got my braces yestii, i felt nothing when they put them on, itz just the eating thing i hav a problem with, it hurts and feels strange when i bite down, coz of my whole over bite everytime i bite down, im chewing on my bottom bracket arr itz so annoying i cant find any side thats ok to bite on.. n i hav a spring instead of wire joining 2 of my teeth so i look retarted!!! i feel soo self-conscious it lookz horrible.

  271. kate says:

    has anyone else had 2 wear a spring instead of wire?.. if so how long do i hav 2 until i get a normal wire?

    i hav it there 2 serperate my teeth coz i hav a tooth behide all my other teeth n their bring it forward but so far they havnt put a wire on itt….

  272. A.J. says:

    I got my braces on yesterday. The whole procedure was fine and tasted bad. Afterwards i had minimal pain. My top teeth can’t touch my bottom teeth at all or else its major pain. Well anyways, after i got my braces, my parents took me to fuddruckers. I ordered a burger. I tried one bite and the pain was humoungous. Good thing i ordered a shake. This morning wasn’t so bad though. I had a banana shake (homemade) and i plan to eat liquids for a few weeks. T.T

  273. ..... says:

    im suppose to get braces and i know its gonna be painful.. im 18yrs old .. and i have all my baby teeth soo the dentist suggested that he pulled all of them out and give me brackets soo that he could pull them out =/ i know its gonna hurt , theres no way that procedure isnt going too …

  274. kerri says:

    I just got ceramic braces and they dont hurt that much. I really hope I can get them off sooner than expaected though. If you havent gotten them yet don’t worry there not that bad, but advil before (makes it so much better).

    Hope that was helpful

  275. kerri says:


    hot might tighten your braces because it strengthens the wire and cold will loosen it and numb your mout but soup is so much easier to eat.

    I am sticking with cold though

  276. Penolope says:

    Well my molers are just growing in well i think they are my molers i need help becuase in the way way back of your mouth where there werent teeth but a slimy mobobber gum maybe> well its sticking up and it really hurts and if i get my braces with it it will suck

  277. Ninna says:

    hi i just got braces n i h8t them . . . i am im so much pain right now . . . i got then this morning and i dont like them at all   aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    :O

  278. Christy says:

    My daugher Jessica got her braces and jaw corrector in Sept. She was in so much pain we were ready to have them removed but after about 3 1/2 weeks she started to recover and eat semi-normal foods. She still has trouble with some foods and the wires cut her gums despite using wax. She can’t eat pizza because her teeth are too sensitive! She has had a rough time but hopefully it will all be worth it in the end but my advice is 10 years old is too young for braces AND jaw corrector.

  279. Mary says:

    Oh my gosh, I’m so scared… I have to get braces on in three days and I am TERRIFIED. I don’t even care about how I’m going to look with them anymore, I’m just worried about this pain everybody has had. PLEASE tell me somebody didn’t have this awful pain. 🙁

  280. Kristi says:

    I agree with just about everyone haha…I’m 16 and I just got my braces 2 days ago around 1 pm, during school. It was a bit annoying because they shove all these things in your mouth and your tongue and lips get really dry. Then after they put those little metal things they put on the wires.

    It hurt after awhile of having them in my mouth but it wasn’t bad until I had some fries and my mouth literally cried in pain (lol). Then I decided to just eat my ice cream, cold soft stuff feels real nice in your mouth :]…

    Later on the day I was like so irritated by the braces I felt like ripping them out D: It was just errr…and the fact that you can’t eat too ;_;…

    Another thing too was the week before I JUST had 8 teeth extracted (4 wisdom, and 4 others) and I had just finished healing from that x_x. It’s annoying because I have to endure another freakin’ week of mouth pain D:<

    It’s not even the first week and I already hate them lol. Many lucks to those who will be getting them C: Just take care of yourself.

    Hmmm…I also had trouble flossing…did anyone else had trouble with it? I don’t know if it’s just me but it hurts like heck because my teeth are so sensitive…I almost felt like crying.

    I guess they’re for the best.

    And I like how people will stop in the middle of conversation with me and ask "you have braces?"…it’s quite funny. They’re not that attractive and I can’t help but smile because before braces I ALWAYS smiled (many would say that I had nice teeth, but that’s only because I smile with my top teeth, my bottom are messed up lol) so it’s like "RAWR" smile now lol…

    Brace face, metal mouth…etc haha.

  281. Ellie says:

    i got braces yesterday morning. They didnt hurt, i just was a little irritated. But this morning, ouch. the pain came. not like insanely bad but deffinatly not comfortable. After a day at school, my mouth is ACHING! my lips feel like i scraped them witgh a plastic knife for hours, and my molar teeth feel like sores. I cant even chew on one side of my mouth, or bite down. And i cut my finger on one trying to get food out. The painkillers arent really helping. My toothbrush bristle got stuuck on one, and that was a pain. I pretty much want to rip these things off! Theyre like annoying contacts that get messed up in your eye, but now you cant take them off. you have to wait months until that time comes.

  282. clip says:

    I just ogt my braces yesterday. They do hurt, but it isn’t that bad. The worst part is when they brush against your lips, now that is tortue!!! But maybe because i have sensitive lips. It also hurts when you put the wax on at first because your teeth feel lose so you think you might pull one out by mistake. But all in all it will be worth it (i hope!).

    P.S. When you first get them on bring CHAPSTICK, doesn’t matter if your lips never get chapped. If you dont bring any, you will be about to experience the worst pain EVER!!!

  283. Imogen says:

    Heey, i just got my braces on today ^-^ the procedure, didn’t hurt at all just felt a little uncomfortable and mum took me to the chip shop (not the american potato chip but like fries), managed to eat okay just took about 30 minutes to finish them xD Then after a while i noticed the end of one of the wires wasn’t cut properly so now it scrapes against my cheek and the top layer of skin is gone =x Yeah it hurts, kinda like a mouth ulcer but im going back in tomorrow because i wasn’t given any wax xD Hoping that the orthodontist will just snip the wire some more as well; my teeth dont hurt yet so maybe it’s not so bad lol =] We’ll see what happens tonight.

  284. Lauren says:

    I just got braces today and let me tell you owowowwowowowow I heard the 2nd day is the worst, ugh!

  285. Abby-wa says:

    Does any body have a way to help the pain

    and imogen i they did that once and i went back to get the wire cut and they said they couldn’t do anything about it. Also,Kristi whatever the ortho said to do ingnore them Don’t floss or brush your teeth during the first couple of days

    IM THINKINing about pulling these out!!!! just some wire cuttes and tweezers…..

  286. karen says:

    I got my braces on yesterday around 11am.  I wasnt feeling any pain the whole day yesterday.  and the dr called to check on me and tell me that the next day ( today ) would be the worst day.  But I havent been feeling much pain, sore yes, but nothing serious.  I took tylenol before bed last night, so I guess it helped, too.  And as far as food is concern, yeahh .. havent been able to eat anything since yesterday, my back teeth cant close.  soft and cold food will help.  

    I’m 25 yo and been wanting to get braces on since forever.  literally, I was begging my mom to take me to ortho.  Had some doubts along the way, thinking about the pain and whatnot.  But now I did it, and I think it’s really worth it.  just think of the end result.  straight teeth!  sticking a model or whoever with a straight teeth onto your bathroom mirror will help a lot 😉

    Good luck ‘vrybody!!

    *18 mo’ months to go..

  287. Lola says:

    Braces are thee BEST thing any person, kid, etc etc can do. You will SOOOOOO appreciate it later.  SERIOUSLY.  Make sure though, that your ortho knows what he’s doing…mention to him about jaw alignment.  My jaw changed…not dramatically, but somewhat.  MY TEETH LOOK GREAT!!!!  And, I always get compliments on them.  Good luck and God Bless.

  288. K.C says:

    Im getting braces in like 17 days!!! im really excited but scared at the same time…i want straight teeth so bad!!!

  289. imogen says:

    Hey the pain went away after the wire got snipped at the back, and the pain on my teeth went completely after 5 days, the days go quickly though so it doesnt go on forever and the pain gets weaker after the first 2 days  =D getting the bottom row on in 2 days time but thats not the main problem area so it wont hurt as much.

  290. K.C says:

    Got my braces on my top teeth today at 1.30pm…i got ceramic ones.

    At first I didnt feel any pain at all, but around 4pm, they started to hurt a little bit. But its not that bad at all… good luck to anyone getting braces. 😀

  291. K.C says:

    Today is day 2 with my braces!!! I had a bit of  pain, but honestly i thought it would be much worse…eating is a little harder but i can deal with that 🙂

  292. Samantha says:

    Ugh. I just got my braces today.. At first they didnt hurt at all, they just felt funny. But now they hurt like hell. I tried to eat something solid a few hours after i got my braces, since i figured it wouldnt hurt so much, but that was a bad idea. I think i brought the pain on prematurely. I dont have to go to school tomorrow though, because we had a four day weekend so thats good. UGH i cant believe some people actually WANT these. I’d rather my teeth be crooked.

  293. sam says:

    i just got my braces tighten ant they hurt so bad what can i do.(i’m under the age of 13)

  294. Ec says:

    I’ve had my bottom brace for de last month but no pain atal, i got de top ones yesterday nd i couldnt sleep last nyt because of the pain, it felt like my teeth wer goin to fall out,it felt like they wer itcy nd i just wanted to tear them out, i even threw up a few times because of the pain:(:(

  295. claire says:

    imagine this!!!!!!!!    

    i had to get the headbrace that i had to wear at night! i cryed wen they told me that ! i had to do 2 months of it then thankfully i got the braces on and didnt have to wear it any more! the headbrace made big gaps at the back of my mouth for where eye tooth needed to be put.   i got my bottom braces on first and didnt feel it at all! them 6 weeks later i got the top ones on! it wasnt mt teeth so much but my gums!     i would have VERY senstive gums and would br prone to gumboils so wen i got my top braces on (a week ago)i got and still have like 6 gumboils! its sooo sore   but i defo think that the headbrace made it less sore on my teeth couz it losened my roots and now haveing them on only a week my teeth have moved sooooooo much!!! its an easier way!

  296. mell says:

    got braces on yesterday and got bite turbos and i cant eat with them. And my teeth kill

  297. mell says:

    o and my bite turbo fell out last nite while i was sleeping good thing i didnt swallow it!

  298. mell says:

    omg my mouth hurts so bad just want to ripe my teeth out! My teeth hurts so much i cant even bite down on anything1 I sound really funny 2! Alot of people have said something about the way i talk! My friends cant even understand me! And my boyfriend says he wont kiss me cause i have metal mouth! My life is turning into a horribl mess. O and rite on top of everything i have a huge important concert this week and i cant play my instrument! omg i hate braces

  299. Ryan says:

    Got them on today. You know what. Well it’s not bad at first, but after about 11hours your teeth start to feel like they are moving. The pain isint as bad as everyone says it is, trying to be tough. It’s just uncomfortable. It’s hard to chew so cut up your food. I found a technique that helps the uncomfortableness go away. Move your bottom jaw as forward as you can. Good luck!!!!!

  300. rashann says:

    Ive had my braces for 9 months already! Am i will be getting them off soon.  It is ridiculous how my teeth have moved, very quick.  Being in college with braces sucks!! so dont be stupid like me, get them on as soon as possible.  The pain is not bad at all, maybe for the first week.  Now i sometimes forget they are there.  Good luck

  301. rashann says:

    Ive had my braces for 9 months already! Am i will be getting them off soon.  It is ridiculous how my teeth have moved, very quick.  Being in college with braces sucks!! so dont be stupid like me, get them on as soon as possible.  The pain is not bad at all, maybe for the first week.  Now i sometimes forget they are there.  Good luck

  302. Eti says:


    Here is my experience with braces so far:

    I got clear braces 10 days ago. The process to put the brackets on was really painful for me because I seem to have sensitive teeth and the cleaning and drying with air really hurt, who would know.

    Anyway, after that I had a constant shoulder and neck ache for 3 days. I think I was squeezing my teeth at night that made my muscles tight. I literally could not move for 3 days, I was miserable. No pain in my mouth though, just discomfort.

    I did not have any problem with eating. I eat everything without an issue. I do not eat apples/carrots etc because they told me not to, but I have no problem biting/chewing.

    Last few days I am not even feeling any kind of pressure on my teeth, even when I touch my teeth I feel as if there is no braces, weird. Can they be loose already??? Also last 3 days the larger brackets on the sides are bothering me a lot, they keep poking my lips.

    I am supposed to wear braces for 10 months. I am hoping and praying that it will be much shorter. I am already tired of brushing my teeth 5 times a day. Even though I got clear braces they still look bad. I look like a teenager which would be great if I was not working.

  303. Billy says:

    danm I just got mine today.. and I got the ceramic ones. They just glue them to your teeth.. they dnt hurt at all .. im fine … except for bitting but no pain yet thank god…. i hope tomorrow morning is not as bad as some of you say =/ !!! Billy

  304. jon says:

    hey ppl, it’s been three days since i’ve had my braces on, and it’s not hurting that much now, just that constant dull ache. and the occasional feeling that something’s not quite right cos your teeth/gums? feel so sore and kinda loose you think they’d fall off before they can be aligned.

    the end of the wire on the right side of my upper jaw wasn’t filed down, and it’s not that i was too stupid to feel that when i was skipping out of the orthodontic clinic, but you know how it generally feels weird just have having metal in your mouth for the first time? i didn’t realise that the discomfort was from the exposed jaggedness of the wire, and it was only after a day and a half’s worth of constant abrasion (from eating, talking, etc etc) that went down and demanded my (inner cheek’s) pleas be heard. here’s the best part: when i told my doctor the problem, he went, "yeah, i left that part in." before proceeding to file it down. i was like wtf?!! why did you did THAT for?!? to test my threshold for pain??!

    so it’s the third day now, i’m just googling around and worrying myself that i have ‘plague scars’ from dental negligence in my childhood, or acid erosion from the carrot/beetroot/apple juice concoctions my dad made me down. and i think it’s probably psychological, but at least a couple of teeth seem closer now. haha. i’m kidding myself. i’m just waiting for my first visit to the clinic in 4 days, hopefully everything’s going smoothly.

    just a throwaway thought to nine months down the road, but do they file down your teeth when the braces are ready to be taken off? so you have a nice straight ‘biteline’?

  305. Krit says:

    I’m 22 years old, I’ve had mine on for 1 year and 2 months, and I HATE them. I had a baby tooth still in my mouth, so x-rays showed that I had a canine tooth that never came down so I had to have the braces put on, then I had to go to a surgeon and have them cut the gum open and put a bracket on the tooth. The braces are supposed to be pulling the tooth down so that I can have my teeth aligned right. Well, I had 2 surgeries in the past year and so far you can only see a tiny bit of the tooth. In the meantime, I have no tooth where it’s supposed to be. I have cuts on my tongue from constantly trying to get stuck food out everytime I eat. I can’t smile, I won’t be in pictures, I just feel soooo un-attractive and miserable from them. And since it’s been over a year I’m starting to think that the procedure isn’t working and I’m going to have to get a fake tooth there. Why couldn’t ALL my teeth just come in normal so I could be almost done with these braces??

  306. Caleb says:

    hahahah you guys are all losers with metal in your mouth!!

  307. Sindu says:

    Okay i have in four spacers, two on left and two on the right. I got the on at eleven omg they hurt lika mofo. Ppl who dont know wat spacers r they are they r rubber bands that go inbetween ur teeth to seperate them before u get braces. My teeth are so tight my gums bleeded when they wedged the spacers in there. I need tips before braces. Wat helps with pain? how often do u think u put wax in? Help!!!! Thanksss.

  308. Emma says:

    I had mine done 24 hours ago and it really hurts! I have it at the top and in 8 weeks im having it on the bottom and i will have to go through it all over again 🙁

  309. Megan says:

    So, braces really don’t hurt. Eat apple sauce and then progress to french fries, and so on and you’ll be fine. braces really arent that bad. you get them on (no pain) and they feel like they push on your teeth, you go home, and they are sore (the worse your teeth, the more pain) but you seriously get over it or just wait it out. pain killers help for just sitting there pain, but not for eating. and you can still have gum and stuff, just make sure to keep it on the inside of your teeth so it doesnt get all caught in the brackets and is a pain to get out. popcorn SUCKS to get out. i would suggest you stay away ffrom that, but it’s still eatable. they tell you crap. just dont eat rocks. HAVE FUN! ( it’s all worth it, the pretty smile 🙂 )

  310. Elle says:

    Owww! I got mine on a few days ago and they’re still hurting and my molars couldn’t touch each other because of the braces so they put some white crap there so i could eat – But it’s not working! I can’t even eat fries!

    And what’s worse is that I’m an actress and lately no directors have been sending me scripts because of my metal-mouth which means I won’t be in any movies for another whole year!


  311. Madilynn says:

    by now he has them off you dummies. it’s been two years!

  312. Mindy says:

    Well first off, I can tell half of you are kids because you can’t spell worth a crap.  I’ve had spacers in for a week and it’s been pretty interesting.  I have my braces put on tomorrow and I’m kind of dreading it, but hey…no pain, no gain.

  313. OWWW says:

    I had my braces put in yesterday around 12 – it was a breeze. When I woke up this morning however my mouth feels like my teeth are about to explode! OmG!!! I just hope it gets better by tomorrow. I really feel like ripping these brackets off…………

  314. Alex Moreland says:

    Umm.. ii had my braces fitted yesterday at about 10:10am, so ii have had them over 24hrs.. im in constant real pain and has hardley slep… ii gott told it wudnt affect my sleeping but as i am already a light sleeper it did… "/ ii keep putting cold ice on them as that is what ii was advised todo.. doesnt helpp.. ii have also taken painkiller the size off a bullet :L They dont help either… so my first 24hrs is rough… all ii wanna do is sleep but ii cant!!

    Also ii got a nickname alreadtt Metal face "/ Ughh not looking forward to having them tightened…… 😛 Well tarahh….

  315. ramir says:

    i just had my brace last week and its getting better now in terms of pain. I was ok when it was installed to my mouth even when i slept after it, the hard part is the eating part. I still eat the food i usually take but i have to make it smaller than what i usually eat and sometimes its still hard. well guys, lets just look forward to the end result, perfect smile,,,daydreaming is my pain reliever to this hahaha, ill get my first adjustment after 3 weeks..goodluck to me hahaha

  316. Lara says:

    So I got my braces this past Tuesday (about 4 days ago now).  My teeth feel fine actually.  What hurts is my tongue!  The anchoring brackets that are attached to the back molars are killing my tongue 🙁  There are these little "knobs" or something on the back of each one and they are irritating the hell out of my tongue.  Painkillers help a bit, but not completely.  I’ve tried the Oracase ointment, and it does nothing.  Has anyone else had this problem?  I hope my tongue gets used to it and stops hurting!  This sucks.

  317. Mickaela says:


    so Friday i got braces. When i was getting them on they were fine! but after started to hurt more and more and MORE!!!

    my tongue and cheeks are all scratched up.

    and im getting soooo frustrated because i cant completely close my mouth.

    and people keep telling me that it will all be worth it when i get them off..i know its true and hurts waaaay to much to think about things like that

    i can’t eat either.

    my sister keeps throwing in my face that i cant have gum….or soda…or anything!

    i feel like ripping off my braces!! i cant stand them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’ve tried  Motrin and Excedrin but noting works.

    i cant completely close my mouth..i feel lyk screaming

    and when i laugh or smile my lips get all scratched up against the braces. i already have a bunch on my upper lip.

    i dont know if im going to be able to do this for two years

    and on top if this..i have a VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY low tolerance for pain…

    this is gonna be a horrible two years!!


    my mom just came in the room and she is eating ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!

    WITH NUTS!!!!!!!!!!

    rocky road…its like my second favorite ice cream!!!!!!!!!!


    plz tell me if this gets any better!!!!!

  318. spence says:

    i got them at about 10:00 today and at 12:00 i started noticing some pain…now at 11:00 p.m. the pain medicine IS NOT WORKING,and i’m in a hell of alot of pain..(im 13)

  319. Michael says:

    I had my braces put on at 9am also. It didnt hurt for couple of hours but when i started eating, OMG it hurt so bad. I took some Advil but i dont think its working because whenever i bite down on my teeth, it hurts so bad. Inside of my cheeks and lips r scratched because of the brakets. It was bleeding a little. Any advice on how to take away the pain or avoid the pain?

  320. nina says:

    im getting braces im having a checkup soon they will tell me if i will have them im sure i will anyway erm do nhs do colours? can you choose the colours if your getting it done by the NHS free?

  321. beth says:

    OMGGG i got my braces yesterday at 11:10 it didnt hurt at first but now i just want to rip them out !!!! :@  it’s really tender when i brush my teeth and now im scared there gonnna go yellow ! :s  i didn’t go into school today because it was hurting that bad, i didn’t have much sleep and when i eat i have to eat at the very back and that still hurts 🙁  i am looking oward to having straight teeth though cos mine are a state loll 😛

  322. chardae says:

    Hey guys I can totally relate , Im 23 and just had my braces put on yesturday 10-16 I will never forget that day . I was so dumb I had a root canal and 8 fillings and braces put on all at once , I have two children and this pain is nothing like having child birth , that goes away once the baby comes out this is constant pain my teeth feel like there all going to fall out. But I feel better hearing from everyone else that this is normal so im waiting for the week to come to be better. Had to put wax on the back brackets all ready jaw is sore.

  323. Darla says:

    So, I got my braces on yesterday morning and i hated them.  They look so horrible! I am 20 years old and I look like a kid!  it wasn’t that sore yesterday, but today the constant discomfort of my mouth is seriously driving me nuts. it hurts when i chew on food, my lips feel swollen and cut up, rubbing my tongue against my teeth gives me sharp pains, i constantly feel like i’m drooling and spitting when i talk, AND i don’t even want to talk anymore because its so fricken uncomfortable.  i hate it so bad and i’m going to b*tch about it the whole way through.  the dentist said i would need them on for a year to year and a half. but i dont know if i can take it for that long. So, i set up something with my doc to have my braces tightened every 2-3 weeks.  i know its going to hurt so much more but i’m going to suck it up so i can have perfect teeth sooner.

  324. OMGWTFBBQ?!?! says:

    Hi everyone.

    I just got my braces on thursday (two days ago). For the first six hours after they put them in, everything was fine. By evening, there was a slight feeling of numbness. By night I was feeling a little pain.. I couldn’t sleep too well because of the pain. I managed to fall asleep at about 3 in the morning (I looked at my cute round alarm clock). The next day at school was alot worse. The pain was almost unbearable but it really wasn’t that bad o_O

    The main problem is that the little metal bracket things keep rubbing against the inside of my mouth. What really annoys me is that whenever I have to eat, I get the food all over my mouth (like a pig!) and I can’t exactly lick it off.. It hurts to stick my tongue out :/ What’s also annoying is when the metal brackets rub against the inside of my mouth when I chew. I eat yogurt in the morning, porridge for lunch, and some soup and maybe more porridge for dinner.

    I could easily get used to braces :3 The first 48 hours are HELL. After that, you wouldn’t even notice they’re there. But in my personal opinion, I think it depends on how much pain the person can tolerate. I’m 13 and I didn’t use any painkillers. I wanted to see how long I lasted without ’em XD Looks like I didn’t need them after all! :]


    i’m asian, yo. :p

  325. Michelle says:

    HI yall i got my top braces yeterday and DAMMMMMMMMM it hurts but the worst pain is my cheeks inside that is thore appart…….

    but i putt wax on it that the ODT gave mee stil it hurts like hell i cant eat anything hard but im eating yogurt and its weird butt help licking my lollipop the whole thone soo yah tx for all the commemts it realy help (STRONG TOO ALL U) AND PS IM 14

  326. me says:

    I’ve had my braces for almost 9 months. I just got those bands that stretch from the top to the bottom on today. I’m supposed 2 wear them 24/7!!! They don’t even hurt that much but they are kinda cutting into my mouth and they look really weird. WILL I HAVE THESE ON FOR THE NEXT YEAR OR WILL THEY TAKE THEM OFF IN A MONTH OR TWO?

  327. Lizie says:

    i had my braces to days ago and it really hurts so bad! T_T i cant eat o even chew food. pastas? no no. bread? also i cant chew them. i had to soak them into my hot chocolate drink to that i will not exert effort in chewing them. this will be my third night with braces. and it really hurts!!!

  328. KellyH says:

    Wow!!! I just got braces today and I’m in so much pain! eating a banana hurt my teeth! Drinking fluids helps a lot though. Just remember, braces are cute and you’re never alone!

  329. Newbie says:

    Ok Wutever, I Suggest Drink a hot cup of tea youlll feel the irritation gone for a while.

  330. Rashann says:

    I commented on this thread a while back! It has been 1 year and 8 months and FINALLY got my braces OFF today!!! My teeth look perfect! Now I have to wear a retainer for life, but hey it’s totally worth it!!! Stay strong!

  331. braceface says:

    i had my braces 2 days ago and ive now started to cut up 1 piece of toast in tiny peices and eat it by chewing im slowly getting used to it. as many people have said just picture ur self after ur braces are out. dont wory just look up to c what u can eat best and u should get on perfect. good luck and hope this helps

  332. ErinT says:

    i just got my braces this morning…i asked some friends what i could eat and do for the pain…for lunch and breakfast jello and yogurt are really good…you dont have to chew it so it doesn't hurt…for dinner i had mashed potatoes and macroni and cheese…my teeth are killing me and i was dreading brushing my teeth but after i had dinner i did and my teeth felt a little better for about 10 or 15 minutes….the wax also helps alot to keep the brackets from digging into you cheeks and lips….good luck!

  333. Sally says:

    I got my lowers today……..I had gotten the top like 3 months ago and I could barely feel the pain……now the pain hurts so bad that I have had thoughs of taking the plyers and ripping the braces off my teeth ……lol………anyway try eating something cold like ice cream or take an ice pack and put it over ur lip…I'm doing that rite now it is working or chew sugar free gum….good luck……=D

  334. Ashliee says:

    I got the bottom of my braces this morning and I made the mistake of eating a mango! It's been like 6 maybe 7 hours sin e I ate a mango but my teeth r in didn't hurt when I got my tops put in. The majority of my friends have. Braces so I am not alone =D…..take some advil to stop the Pain and if that doesn't  work put an ice cube in ur mouth it stops the pain for a little bit or use dental wax all have worked for me hope it works…..GOOD LUCK! P.s. Braces r so cute so yeh don't b afraid to smile (after the pain goes away)

  335. Breanna says:

    Yes. Braces hurt. i only had my top ones on till today..  and now i have both top and bottom. i have to wear these now for another 2 years. It hurts already. but mine have only hurt fer 3 days at a time. but this could be worse, it hurts so mmuch i think i could cry! 🙁 But dont be scared. everyone takes pain differently. I personally think Ibuprofen works the best. it helps with the pain up to 4-8 hours. anywhere in there. and Ice cubes help for right after you take one. till the Ibuprofen actually works. the first day isnt to bad, then the next days come and its worse. but it defiantly will be worth the pain, once the braces are off. You'll have a nice perfect smile and you'll be happy with it!

  336. J<3 says:

    Im about to get my braces sometime this month. Horrible!!!

  337. Domenica Castro says:

    I got my braces wire changed today around 10:30 am and now almost 2:00 pm it started hurting like a  mother.I cant even close my mouth , even when my mouth is wide open it still hurts.Ive used orajel before but now i cant find it. i took tylenol and it has not helped at all.I think im gonna die of pain.It's gonna get worst by luch time  ,rigth now it hurts like a mother and i havent even ate. SOMEONE HELP ME!

  338. Ashley says:

    ok, im thirteen. i got my top ones on in march and my bottoms on today. but dam they hurt. i tryed useing medicin and it didnt help… idk what to do!

  339. Samrox11 says:

    I just got my braces at noon today. I am starving, it's dinner, and I can't close my mouth without it hurting. Living with this for two years is gonna suck

  340. jess says:

    It sucks getting bottom braces on but what u have 2 do is DO NOT bite down on anything. But if u go 2 a dentice lik mine where they yank and stretch ur mounth sooooooo much GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   : (     :~)


  341. EepyOop says:

    I just got my braces this week. Felt weird…don't have a bubble lip! yay! BUt I do sense a faint taste of metal…It's fun having braces and nothing to be scared of…

  342. Emily says:

    I am 11 years old and I got my top braces on 2 days ago at first it didn't hurt. Last night I was brushing my teeth and the toothpaste hurt my sore spot it feels like I have a bump on my tongue because i'm bitting my tongue with my brackets i'm scared because i'm going to use the head gear some day. I bet its going to hurt more than the braces 🙁   My brother Robby had his braces on for 6 years exactly.   GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!    🙁

  343. Cherlene says:

    I got my braces yesterday, and IT FRIKKING KILLS ME!!! my family's all like 'eh, shrug it off'. none of them had braces. im the youngest out of them, and NO ONE BELIEVES ME!! they want me to eat faster, but I cannot!!

    my advice? cold drinks (water, milkshakes, lemonade), soup, oatmeal, clam chowder, yogurt. Be careful of the spoon though, if it bumps into your teeth, it hurts like HELL!!!

    my regards to all of those new braced people. im still not over the pain…

  344. angela says:

    im going to get my braces real soon and i am very nervase

  345. Max123 says:

    I just got braces (like 10 hrs ago) My barely hurt, I ate pizza afterwards though my mom said i has to cut it up into small pieces. They hurt a little more seven hours later, but who cares???

  346. Tabitha says:

    OMFG !! I'm getting either braces or invisalign (my choice) .. and I think i'm going to pick invisalign because all these comments are scaring me about braces 🙁 !! i meann IT HURTS TO EAT ?? wtf !! andd i mean i'm good with brushing my teeth but i need to floss them too ? goodness there alot to handle ! I have an appointment for may 4 to go see if i'm getting braces or invisalign and i'm hoping to god that its going to be invisalign .. i'm going into highschool and I don't want my yearbook pic to be me in braces? and i'm going to be in track and basketball so if I get braces and I get hit or fall on my face my braces wont cut my mouth open .. owieee that hurts just thinking about itt :/ grr I'm soo scared .

  347. alice says:

    Hi, I am 30, I got my braces and it hurts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot eat, the teeth got loose, I have all sorts of fears in my head about what if they fall out, what if it will always be so painful, etc….The way they look is another headache- ceramic was supposed to look LESS visible, but I don't think so:((( I also cannot speak very well now:(

  348. E says:

    Oh my goodness I got them on yesterday and now I want to rip them off!!!! I cried for over an hour tonight in pure pain!!!! It hurts so bad I want them off now!!!!!!!!! Help me!!!!!

  349. E says:

    When are they going away????? It's only been two days but it feels like two years I want them off or at least my bands off I still can't eat anything, my fam went to olive garden for dinner..

  350. DeDe says:

    @Alice – I feel your pain! LITERALLY! I'm 35 and got my top brackets and temp spacers 2 wks ago. I went back yesterday to get the temp spacers removed for the metal spacers and for my bottom bracket. Initially I had no pain 1st two weeks. Annoying but not "painful" I thought for a minute I may have chosen the wrong dentist.I went back yesterday and the bottom brackets are cutting my tongue and inner cheek. It's awful! I can't eat anything!!! My tongue is so sore I can't take it! Is this normal??? Will I endure this uncomfortable feeling for 18 months? WHAT HAVE I DONE???? p.s. I also have "ceramics"…Why don't they make the wires "tooth" colored?!?!?!

  351. stranger says:

    omg!!!!!i just had my braces yesterday and it torture. wen i first got them they were ok it didnt hurt but after a few hours tht wen it started to tighten up. i couldnt eat anythin at all. it my second day today and it still hurts.even bitin through a banana feels like all my teeth about to fall out. anyone got any ideas on how to avoid this pain besides usin pain killers??? im only gettin my braces for a year to a year and a half and im seriously not lookin forward to it if it this painful every month but i guess it worth it as i will have sright teeth afterwads.

  352. tia says:

    I have braces it didnt hurt but want's you aet something you'll go crazy but mak sure you brush your teeth or you can end up like me so if you er get braces you'll be the populur student at your school its a good  raeson because you can get spaical  things to eat so get braces if you wan't

  353. tia says:

    I got my braces in september and i still have them and im only 6 years old but know im 11 so i feel lot worse then you  and yes youll get diffrent colors i got rainbows on and know im popular at my school and know im cool p.s. im a bully ha! ha!ha! and im a 8th grader peace out

  354. Jazz says:

    I got braces yesterday. OMG I knew they'd hurt but they KILLED! I wanted to RIP. THEM. OUT. And I still have 18 months to go. I think cwilso may actually be me because this is exactly how I feel :(. I can't eat ANYTHING and they look AWFUL. It hurts when I talk if the teeth brush up against each other. Are braces really worth this terrible pain? I am so sick of them already. I just want them out.

  355. Vijay says:

    i got mine yesterday… 22 now… some discomfort….and some senations in the gums…. difficulty chewing since the back teeth don't meet… next appointment one month later….dunno wt my ortho's gonna do next…keeping my fingers crossed…

    all the best to all my fellow-brace wearers! Keep smiling!…in hope of your best smile which is yet to come 🙂

  356. Karel says:

    i got my braces yesterday. im 13 years old. My braces dont really hurt O.o I dont know why. But it's just really difficult to eat. Its getting hurt when im eating. But not so much. sorry for my bad english 😀

  357. Gabby says:

    Oh gosh. After reading all of your posts, I can relate to you guys. I'm 11 and just got my braces at 3:30 P.M. Yesterday. I thought that's braces were going to be painless but they are now KILLING ME after a few hours. My dentist gave me this wax stuff that should help the day that I got them. I putted it on, and it's not helping… Right now, it's 3:56 in the morning and I can't sleep. I'm scared that I won't be able to eat, and nor will be able to sleep. I'm probably going to beg my mom to take me back to the dentist to get my braces looser.

  358. Tessa says:

    Its only been 15 hours:( ow!:( cant sleep cant eat cant talk

    Much!:( my front tooth kills:( been up all night:( so not worth it

  359. Qwerty wolf says:

    Ok so yesterday I got my braces on both teeth, my bottom teeth are actually perfectly fine but my top two front teeth are diagonal, my first orthatdonist said my bottom teeth don't need braces, but when I moved to America my new orthatdonist said I nee them on both so I'm really ticked of about. My bottom brace hurt like crazy and I have about five cuts on the inside of my mouth thanks to them. I drool when I eat and it's so uncomfortable to eat! I got lucky cause I have about 15 months of this, my parents had three years but only the top needed braces. But I have no idea how I'm gonna survive! I can't even close my mouth right let alone being able to talk. When ever I do my voice sounds muffled and retarded. I know people say its worth it in the end. But honestly I'm having second thoughts

  360. korawt says:

    I got mine on Monday (2 days ago).it was all okay when I got them…but after 2-3 hours when it tighten up…it hurt a lot! !I couldn't eat anything. ..I felt soreness in my gums…I was up all night…I couldn't sleep :(..on second day pain was little less but still I was not able to eat or chew… my braces  scratched my inner cheeks and lips…I ate mashed potatoes and cheese ….so that I couldn't chew I engulped. .:'( its my third day with braces it's killing me. …I wanna take them out of my mouth! Though cold water give me relief at least for 10-15 minutes.. feeling very uncomfortable. ..I can barely eat anything and having difficulty in speaking. .dunno what to do. ..12 months to go…:O

  361. fen says:

    I got my braces yesterday night and i still feel so much pain.

  362. Leslie says:

    Goodness, is the pain really that bad?  My child is scheduled to get braces put on this week and I'm seriously thinking about waiting until he is older…although the orthodontist believes now is the time.    This forum makes braces seem horrific!!   Why would anyone want their child to endure all this pain?   Is perfect teeth really worth all the agony one seems to experience???   I'm thinking not.    

  363. Susy says:

    I got my top braces 2weeks ago and really it just hurts more the first week, but know I'm on my 3th week and my teeth are starting to feel like loose like moving/ falling down is this natural or no??? because my next appointment is till December 23th, 14 so they put the bottom braces, and tie up more my top braces but it really hurts and I don't know what to do anymore if it's because of my gums even thoe I do brush them and I floss every 3 days if you been through this plz help…. Thx!!!

  364. Hallie says:

    I have had braces for almost  a month now and I cant even tell they are there. I still can't bite down with my front two teeth without it hurting, but I can eat pretty much anything.

  365. Jenny says:

    I've just got braces 2 days ago and the pain hasn't really gotten that bad, Although i do have a high pain tolerance

  366. Davey says:

    I'm 28 and getting mine tomorrow afternoon! will post my painful results.

  367. Lauren says:

    I got my braces yesterday at around 12:30 p.m. All was fine during the procedure and the rest of that day. However, I woke up at 3 a.m. this morning in agony! Paracetamol doesn't tend to work for me but I took it for my incredibly achy teeth and it worked. Along with something cold, of course – that works wonders! Also, thinking that the pain is showing that my teeth are aligning made me feel a bit better. I have a high pain tolerance in most cases, but the aches I experienced last night were horrible! They have died down a bit now though (8 p.m.) and I just keep drinking cold drinks to soothe the pain.

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