Chris and the Ring of Doom?

In one of the flurry of comments in response to a flurry of posts in response to a post I made in response to the comments in response to an article in Vitamin (whew), Richard Medek compared me to Frodo.  I'm not sure how I feel about that; I hope for a better end than missing a finger and sailing off never to be heard from again.  Of course, that's pretty close to my dive-boat-in-Hawaii plan, so maybe that would be okay...

Isaac Lin also had a fantastic comment that summed up a lot of my personal feelings: "It seems to me there's a lot of people who would rather have a grievance than see improvements being made."  By all means, if you think we're fixing or adding the wrong things, let me know.  Constructive criticisms are great, and I hope we're solving real problems.  But if you just want to bitch about Microsoft/how bad IE6 is in comparision to Firefox 1.5/other past transgressions, I don't really listen.

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