Next thing you know, I’ll start doing open source…

According to personalDNA, I am a Benevolent Leader.

Next thing you know, I'll suggest we make IE an open source project.

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  1. Robin says:

    And would that be so bad? 🙂

  2. According to, I’m an Attentive Analyst. This is in contrast to Sean Lyndersay and Chris Wilson (both on my team) who are both Benevolent Leaders. I guess I should be working for them instead of the other way around. You can read more

  3. Pedro says:

    Well open sourcing it would be a fantastic idea, goodbye responsivness problems. Really, what business case still exists for IE? The original intention, as publically stated by Bill (to destroy Netscape (the company)) has been achieved, although ironic justice has prevailed with the popularity of the Mozilla browsers, now installed as the default by nearly every small PC supplier.

  4. Lackey says:

    Its like saying, "I give up. Now you try. (Or lets all try)"

    And if I doubt it needs a business case for IE now. Its STILL being used, if not by users, then by devs to cross (browser) examine their sites! There’s a reason for that. What they should however do is…uh…

    … lost my train of thoughts…

    Say… why isin’t IE open source!!

    LOL…. kidding!!!!

    What they could do is (impossible as it may sound) make IE also for MAC/Linux non-windows (but yet popular) platforms.  

    I know… I’m sorry Mr.Chris, I know you must be getting totally ridiculous suggestions all the time… 😀

    oh well…

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