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A gentle reminder - I'm not IE tech support.  Sorry.  I get over a hundred emails a day on average - not the lists I'm on, just the stuff sent to me personally internally and externally - and I really can't respond to IE tech support questions unless I happen to know the answer off the top of my head.

Good places to go -

Sorry to not be more directly helpful.


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  1. If you cloned yourself then you could be tech support as well.  There could be the "Chris TS edition." As well as "Chris IE edition"  And then there’s the "Chris who has time to do whatever he wants edition" which would make all of the other Chrises feel jealous.  Then you’d need a "Chris Peace Maker edition" to help keep the peace.  And if he figured that out maybe you could send him over to the Middle-East 🙂

  2. Garry Trinder says:

    Actually, if I could clone myself I’d have my own dive buddy.

  3. Lou Gascon says:

    Evening chap…

    2 things

    1) ref: Not tech support – I appreciate the leads you have left for this – Thanx

    2) ref: IE7 (Delete Browsing History) opinion: it would be most useful to delete everything older than say 7 or 10 days etc (Keeping it light)

    In fact it would be more useful to set it automatically to Delete all (or selected) Histories "older than" therefore keeping in memory the last few days for reference if necessary – Personally I don’t think I’ve ever needed to go back more that 14 days…!

    Comment: I like IE7 but I think currently, Maxthon may just have the edge – sorry!

  4. David Conrad says:

    Hi, I found this site by searching for "IE" and "tech support", and I was wondering if you could help me with a problem I’m having … Just Kidding!

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