Full circle

I love the way things come around.

I happened to see a comment to my last blog post from Nicholas, and clicked the link to his blog; happened to see one of his posts mention that Beth Orton has a new CD coming out.

I'm not a major fan (yet) - but I absolutely love the track she did with Ben Watt on Everything But The Girl - Back to Mine, "The Stars All Seem to Weep".  One of those tracks that I just can't listen to without ignoring the rest of the world.  A definite 5-star on the iPod.

Another item added to the CD wish list... and she's coming to Seattle at the end of March!  Unlike the Train concert on March 21st (my wife and I are big fans - she's going), I'll be back from the MIX06 conference, so maybe I can find a babysitter...

Comments (2)

  1. Nicholas says:

    Beth’s new CD is okay, but I prefer her other CDs much more. This new one is sort of "experimental". I would suggest checking out her "best of" 2-disc set. I have a feeling you’d dig that.

    I love Everything But The Girl. A required track from them is "No Difference". Wow.

  2. sandy says:

    This new CD is nice and I really like it.




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