Sniffling in Vegas

So I'm at CES in Vegas - just got done talking through how IE7 makes you safer to a group of invited bloggers (mine was the only talk not under NDA, so invite-only).  I picked up a head cold a few days ago, so I'm stunned I didn't just trail off in the middle of my talk.  Lots of good feedback - but the one that made me feel the best was a statement made by one of the audience who wanted to thank the IE team for setting the standard for openness with the IEBlog.

I'm not sure I'd claim that, but I'm happy people think we're trying to be more open.  We are.

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  1. Link says:

    Hi Chris,

    yes, it is very cool that the IE team is much more open than before due to IEBlog. My personal question to your team would be.. is it possible to ask whether IE 7 supports specific CSS rules. I am personally a web designer and I am currently developing a web-design which uses CSS code IE6 cannot properly handle. Therefore I used a conditional comment setting to fix the behavious in IE6 ( <!–#[if lt IE 7] ; please don’t sue me for mixing up the comments I do not have a head full of HTML markup). As I use if lt IE 7, I personally hope that IE 7 brings the needed CSS fixes so that the design does not just render well in probably all non-IE browser (I tested Firefox, Opera and Linux Konqueror, even text browsers). Is there a way to ask you directly? Or would I have to wait for the IE 7 Open Beta to try things myself?

    The two specific CSS codes I use are:

    background:url(—) fixed no-repead 20px 20px;

    This CSS code is used in several HTML elements and especially for hover links. Most browsers interprete the "20px 20px" position according to CSS 2.1 rules meaning that the "20px 20px" are reletive to the <body> element (for no-repeat backgrounds). Internet Explorer 6 interprets them reletive to the element, the background fading effect doesn’t work.

    Another thing I think of using (currently I do but I think I will toss it) is position:fixed.

    Do you know whether these elements have been included (for position:fixed) or fixed (for background). I personally use a Doctype triggering all browsers to standard mode (XHTML 1.0 Strict – sent as text/html without <?xml declaration).

    Thank you,

    Julian "Link" Becker

  2. Jerry Mead says:

    I sympathize. Some truly filthy colds & flu have been floating around here all of this year, and the descent of brain-fog mid-sentence is

  3. Garry Trinder says:

    Link, both of these are fixed in IE7. You can also email me @

  4. Link says:

    Hi Chris,

    thank you for your answer!

    Looks like IE7 is really on a good way.. because we know what counts.. not whether IE can show a site.. or Firefox.. no! All current browsers should display a webpage as wanted!


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