Meeting with Molly

Molly wrote a recap of a meeting we had downtown yesterday morning; other than a few typos I mentioned in the comments, a great recap (though I think I'm only "legendary" in my own mind).  And Molly, next time you're in town I will have to take you somewhere there's GREAT coffee.

Comments (2)

  1. Thanks Chris! I’ll look forward to that great coffee 🙂

    I have made corrections to my article including the typos and inaccuracies you commented on, the link to here rather than ieblog, and also the KHTML issue with iCab, which others wrote in about.

    Thanks for a great meeting, and for the record, in my eyes ten years on IE makes you a legend if only for the fact that you’ve endured so many difficulties with such skill for so long.

  2. Family says:

    You have luck to meet molly, i would like to meet molly too !

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