Back from vacation…

I was out of the office on vacation for 10 days, visiting friends and family in Indiana and Illinois.  Good to be back, though of course it took about 10 minutes to be swamped with work again.

We (myself, my wife and our nine-month-old daughter) flew in to Indianapolis and drove down to Bloomington to visit with our friends.  I got do a quarry dive with my friend Bill in Indiana; nice warm water but nothing as interesting as open-water diving in Puget Sound, or the dives we did off Catalina Island while I was in LA for the PDC (and certainly nothing on diving in Hawaii).  After a few days, Jen and I drove up to the Chicago area to visit with her family; had a lovely time, and it was great for our daughter to spend some time with her extended family.  We also took a little longer route to drive up through Champaign-Urbana and visit the University of Illinois (UC) campus; it was interesting to see how it changed since we went there.

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