Sydney Dec 2007 BizTalk User Group – RFID Services

Just got this email from the user group…. get to it if you want to learn about MS RFID services…. (but more importantly, play some XBOX!!!!).   Hi Chris Vidotto, Welcome to our last meeting of the year.I know its Christmas soon and we’re all checking out the best gifts to get…….well I got thinking……..


Our Australian Microsoft Business Intelligence Summit

Next week, we are holding a Business Intelligence Summit in Melbourne and Sydney. Check out the details here:


Windows Live Community Builder – a no brainer…

We have laucnhed the *Windows Live Community Builder* service. It allows businesses, non-profit organisations or anyone who wants to create a community service to create customised, branded online experiences. It can include email services, member services, calendaring, contacts, mapping features etc  How much does it cost? $0, zilch, nada, nothing. Check it out at:


Hosted and Managed Services for BizTalk in Australia!

Now here’s an idea!!! Hosted and Managed Services for BizTalk! Why hasn’t someone thought of this earlier in Aus 😉 I’ve worked closely with both Bryn and Utilisoft over the last several years (in my old national BizTalk role) and they both have excellent capabilities in BizTalk. They have decided to partner up and develop…