BizTalk 2006 R2 Training in Mel/Syd Australia in April 2007

Dimension Data Learning Services (DDLS) and Breeze Training (aka Mick Badran and co) have worked in collaboration to put together some public training courses next year (April 07 / May 07) on BizTalk Server 2006 R2.

Sydney:        16th April - 19th April 2007

Melbourne:   21st May - 24th May 2007

Target Audience: Developers and IT professionals with previous experience working with BizTalk 2002/2004 .Net development. (Level 300/400)

This 4-day workshop provides developers with the tools to upgrade their 2002/4 skills and perform advanced orchestrations and training partner management. You will learn to use BAS and SSO, practice developing, managing and customizing adapters and creating custom pipeline components, all within BizTalk rules. This workshop also explores the new features of BizTalk R2 including developing & consuming WCF Services (Windows Communication Foundation) for BizTalk.

Check out more deatils here:

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  1. Appears as though the Microsoft Readiness Crew have teamed up with Breeze Training to deliver some BizTalk

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