Received calls for BizTalk, .NET Developers, PreSales jobs in Melbourne….

I have a question for you all!

It might seem somewhat simple, but how do we bridge the gap between people looking for work and those looking to employ…???? The reason I ask, is that in the last 2 1/2 weeks, I have had conversations with 4–5 companies in Melbourne looking to employ BizTalk developers or .NET developers and I have received 4 calls from different recruiters asking for my help in finding them Biztalk, .NET developers or pre-sales resources. It has astounded me… (For some reason, I feel like I am turning into a pseudo recruitment service).

No more to say really….. if you are looking for work in Melbourne and you are experienced in .NET development, BizTalk or pre-sales then there are people looking for you.

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