Summary of Windows Workflow Foundation Collateral

Here is a great summary of Windows Workflow Foundation collateral from our internal communcations team…. Want to know more about our exciting new Windows Workflow Foundation technology? Check these out: ·         For a superb high level introduction read David Chappell’s whitepaper.  This is on the MSDN Library ·         There is lots of collateral including the…


Some Best Practice Documents and info on Windows Workflow Foundation

A couple of resources for you all in case you have missed these on the web….  (and in case you have lots of questions!) I am a fan and advocate of best practices so the docs on sharepoint and CMS may be worth a look. (Just a disclaimer – I have not read them yet….


Great cartoon on customer expectations!

Further to my last post about presenting at Swinburne University, Graeme – the lecturer – handed me a great cartoon about our wonderful IT industry! I don’t recall having seen it before, but it is a classic! So true! Click on the Image to Enlarge!


BizTalk 2006, WWF and Com Foundation 3 Day Workshop in Mel / Bne / Syd!

I received an email this morning from our partner readiness team detailing that we have secured our newly crowned MVP – Mick Badran – to deliver a 3 day Business Process Integration and Workflow workshop in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane! You can check the agenda of what will be covered and potentially register for this event…


Presented at Swinburne Univeristy last night…

I had the pleasure last night of presenting to some students at Swinburne University on my customer and Industry experiences around BPI (Business Process and Integration) with Microsoft. I was invited by Graeme Carbines – lecturer at Swinburne – and specifically to present to his students studying the “Software Process Improvement” subject. One of interesting…


New BizTalk MVP in Australia!! Woohooo

Well this news certainly made my day when I heard it! One of the guys I have the utmost respect for in our  Aus BizTalk community is Mr. Mick Badran! Mick has been hanging around the MS traps for sometime now! He runs a company called Breeze Training, runs the Sydney BizTalk User Group (knows BizTalk like…


Back to the blog… :-)

Wow… I have been offline for 2 weeks and I have soooooo much great info to share. Thanks for everyone’s patience. I was pre-occupied for two weeks on a great proof of concept with some great guys and company that I am not really able to disclose sorry 🙂 but suffice to say we had a…