There is a BizTalk 2004 Partner Competency Exam !

Not many people know that our MS Business Process and Integration Division (BPID) released an exam for BizTalk 2004 back in Jan this year! People in the community keep asking me whether there is an exam for BTS 2004! Sure is. The exam covers “all aspects of BizTalk from the installation of BizTalk Sever to designing, implementing and deploying a BizTalk solution and will be a good tool for you to gauge your knowledge on BizTalk Server. Some of the questions will be knowledge based and cover the basic concepts of BizTalk, but the majority (80% +) of the questions on the exam are task based questions, which specifically test your hands on experience with BizTalk"


How do you register?


  • Preparation Guide for Exam 74-135 can be found here
  • Exam Registration Site can be found here 

Let me know what you think of it as the BizTalk team appreciate the feedback. Good luck!

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  1. Mick Badran says:


    This exam was pretty tough when I did it (way back when..).

    I think it’s been modified slightly to not be as tough from recent feedback I’ve got.

    My thoughts

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