Self-Service Geographical Analysis using Excel 2013

Power View was first introduced as part of SharePoint 2010 to work with SSAS Tabular Model (SQL Server 2012). It offers easy, interactive data exploration and visualization for self-service BI analysis. There are quite a number of articles about Power View including from the Technet website and also a video from Microsoft BI. This post summarizes the advantages of using Power View in…


Windows Server 2012 Storage Spaces

 I am extremely excited that Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 have launched because I can talk about and tinker with my absolute favorite feature of both operating systems, Storage Spaces.  Some people I know in the storage community have said that the storage spaces feature is interesting but in an early stage.  I am…


Until I know PowerShell, Server Manager Is Where I’m At

Windows Server 2012 is certainly an interesting OS.  Yes many of the Windows Server 2008 R2 items are still in there, Administrative Tools and the Control Panel items, but they are certainly not the stars of the show.  Windows Server has focused on a tool to aid in management for some time. The Server Manager…


Jeff James Finds Keyboard Shortcuts Key for Windows Server 2012 Admins

The new interface in windows Server 2012 gives you lots of options for navigating. Jeff James has found that some keyboard shortcuts help save you time and give you flexibility. You can read Jeff’s article here: What Windows Server features are you interested in learning more about?  


Listen to Customer Reviewer Mike Dragone on TechNet Radio

One of the first IT pros who wrote a review for this blog, Mike Dragone, is now a star on TechNet Radio. You can listen to the interview with Mike here: [View:] Tommy Patterson and Mike discuss their history in IT and how Windows Server has evolved. Their topics range from favorite features and challenges in…


What’s New for Group Policy in Server 2012

Some of you that know me (through my and sites) know that I spend an inordinate amount of time exploring, developing against and helping customers with Group Policy. So I was anxious to see what changes Microsoft made in Server 2012 with respect to Group Policy. Of course, as a Group Policy MVP, I had…


Review of FTP Integration Pack for System Center 2012 SP1 Beta Orchestrator, by David Allen

System Center 2012 SP1 includes a lot of functionality beyond the traditional service pack updates. SP1 is what really lights up a lot of the private cloud functionality in Windows Server 2012. Reviewing all the features and capabilities in System Center 2012 would be a huge project, so you can find reviews of individual features…


Database Recovery Advisor feature of SQL Server 2012, by Basit Farooq

SQL Server 2012 is a vast release that includes many new features. Members of the SQL Server community have great insights into these new features and can help you decide if SQL Server 2012 is for you. One such feature is the Database Recovery Advisor, and Basit Farooq gives his evaluation of this feature, as…


A Simple Truth about Cloud Security

I keep hearing that security is a fear factor for some organizations that are considering moving to the cloud. They worry that they’ll have to change their whole security approach in a highly virtualized environment. But I think those IT admins should see it as an opportunity, not a threat to their survival. Virtualization—and by…


Updated Windows Azure Management Portal, by Tyler Doerksen

If you’re a developer and would like to learn about developing on Windows Azure, take a look at a review of the Windows Azure management portal by Tyler Doerksen: Tyler discusses what he finds interesting about recent Windows Azure updates and goes into detail about some new features of the Windows Azure Management Portal….