New version of Prish Image Resizer (x64 support. Unicode support).. It’s been a while..

Well.. It’s been a while since I updated.. Short and sweet – this is the new version of Image Resizer. There are 2 setups now – one for 32bit and one for 64bit. This also solves the issues people have been having with foreign characters making resizing impossible. You can find the new versions in…


Updated ImageResizer (Build 831) – now with working "Set Defaults" button

After a few people complained, I was able to illicit the help of one Paul Rubenstein to help figure out what was wrong. I sent him a debug version of the resizer and he installed it, hit the repro and sent me the log files. That in turn helped me figure out why the “Set Defaults”…


New ImageResizer build (801) – Added quick-resize from the menu

Download page Small addition to the shell extension for resizing the images: You can now quickly resize images w/o going through the UI and choosing options. Note that you will need to set your defaults the first time you do this. Also note that any option that automatically overwrites images will not be set-able as…


Image Resizer for Vista (and XP) – Just a right click away from Explorer.

You can download the resizer here. I don’t know about you, but I am sorely missing the XP toy for image resizing. Windows XP had its power-toys, but Vista does not. And while some functionality has been baked into the shell, explorer right-click has not. On top of that, a feature I have been wanting for a…


Image Resizer Download Page

Image Resizer has moved. You can find the downloads here.