Excel Services Gadget download

This is the download page for the Excel Services gadget described in these set of posts. (Download link is right below this line – where it says “Attachments:”) ExGadget.gadget


Excel Services Windows 7 Gadget

The Excel Services Windows Gadget allows you to display information from Excel Services and place it right on your desktop as self updating data. Read more in the posts available on the blog: Introduction to the gadget Displaying ranges in the gadget  


Excel Services AJAX Download Page

This page contains the link to the Excel Services AJAX JavaScript download. ExcelServicesAjax.zip


Image Resizer Download Page

Image Resizer has moved. You can find the downloads here.


Excel Services Compatibility Checker Download Page

Version 0.1.914.0 Add ability to fix external references + allow finer control over what checks are done. See the post for more information. Version 0.1.904.0 Fix the issue of External References not being located. See the post for more information. Version 0.1.816.0 Now checking for protected chart-sheets as well. See the post for more information. Version 0.1.731.0 Added another check…


TrayRadio Download Page

This is the download page for the TrayRadio utility.   Version 1.0.415.0 Initial offering, basic functionality. TrayRadioSetup.msi


Nmag Utility – Download Page

This is the main download page for the Nmag utility. !!!!!!!!!BETA WARNING!!!!!!!! This is only beta – I make no promises, explicit or implicit about the quality of this code. Use at your own risk. 4/7/2006 — Version 1.0.407 Update* Added the ability to resize images (on top of cropping).   NmagSetup.msi


Excel Services related Snippets

Snippets are small coding helpers that you can use to make development a little faster. In this article, I will aggregate various helpers that have to do with Excel Services. To import the snippets follow these steps:1. Download the attached file (bottom of this article).2. In Visual Studio 2005, choose Tools/Code Snippet Manager.3. Choose Visual…