New ImageResizer build (801) – Added quick-resize from the menu

Download page Small addition to the shell extension for resizing the images: You can now quickly resize images w/o going through the UI and choosing options. Note that you will need to set your defaults the first time you do this. Also note that any option that automatically overwrites images will not be set-able as…


Image Resizer Download Page

Image Resizer has moved. You can find the downloads here.


Vista Time Saver: Copy full file name to clipboard from Explorer.

Thought I’d drop a line, since this is a feature I have been looking for FOREVER and never got around to writing it myself. In Vista, if you Shift-Right Click a file name in explorer, it will give you an option called “Copy As Path”. Selecting that, will place the full name of the file…


Abusing my poor pregnant wife. Pictures Inside!

My wife is at the last stages of her pregnancy – and she’s HUGE. We decided to have a bit of fun before the little creature that’s inside her tries to claw it’s way out. This is what we came up with: For my homies who root for Hapoel Tel Aviv:   This is me…


Just finished giving the Excel Services DevCon demo.

Just finished doing the DevCon demo together with Danny Khen. People seemed to really like what we showed them. In the next couple of days I will start adding a lot of the stuff we showed there to the blog with step-by-step instructions on what things actually do.


What’s the bloody point? American Express Gift Card…

So I’m standing in a safeway, at the register. There’s an American Express $100 gift card. You pay $105 for it ($5 fee), and get a $100 gift card that can be used anywhere.. Maybe it’s a culture gap thing. I have only been in the US for 4 years.. But wouldnt it be better to…


Another DRM legistlation. Wonder where it will stop.

As reported in Slashdot (and other places): Basically, making legistlation to close the loophole that will currently allows analog copying of digital copyrighted matirial (I am oversimplifying, but you get the idea) – the D2A2D thing. The reason for this post though, is the 5 minutes of amusment I got from one of the…


Copy (Ctrl-C) works in Message Boxes

This feature has been working since windows 2k or early versions of XP, and still many people do not know about it. If you have a Message Box showing, and you want to copy its contents, you can just Ctrl-C when the window is focused – you will hear a beep and the contents of…


Mailbox too big? MSN Desktop search to the rescue.

In our internal exchange system, MS has various limits on email size, depending on what server you happen to reside on (true beta servers tend to not have any limit. More stable servers tend to have an upper limit in the vicinity of 500mb). If you are as disorganized as me, one of the things…