How to get favorites listed when searching in the Start menu

There aren’t many Vista features I am missing in Win7, but one that I most definitely miss is having favorites appear when searching the start-menu. Now, you can add a favorites menu item to Start, but that’s not all that helpful for me – what I want is to be able to search in the…


Windows 7 useful shortcut – run as admin

It was driving me nuts to right-click/run as admin each time I needed in Windows 7/2008R2. So I tried to figure if there was a shortcut. A quick search did not find anything, so I just played with it a bit. Apparently Ctrl-Shift-Enter allows you to run things as admin both from the run dialog…


Creative workarounds – Windings edition

11/24/09 – Correction – Sergei contacted me to explain that I got it all wrong – Windings does not give all the required shapes (Circle, Triangle and Square).Instead, Sergei had to hunt until he found the perfect font that supported all that perfectly – Good ol’ “Arial Unicode MS”.  In older posts, I have talked about…


Reason #4871 why I hate DHTML

Margins. In script. To set? Use To get in runtime? Use element.topMargin. Arghhhhhhh! It’s like DHTML is forcefuly trying to make me hate it.


UlsViewer released

The folks in Office Operations released the Uls Viewer tool – it allows users of SharePoint to easily view and analyze ULS logs produced by the system (though not initially designed for user consumption, people seem to have been using the logs pretty much since we shipped). This also allows users of Excel Services to…


Optimizing life – Life in Async

I was going to get coffee today at work, minding my own business, when someone from the test-team asked me if the order I was doing things when preparing coffee was intentional. Absentmindedly, I explained the reasoning behind the order of things and how I reached this way of doing things and belatedly realized that…


Awesome mouse-pad

We have a surplus computer store near my house which I like mostly because their pricing on cables is not equivalent to the GDP of a small island state. They have some real wonky stuff in there – very old printers, monitors, etc. I passed through there today and saw this: Most-awesome-mouse-pad evah! It is…


Transitioning from TiVo to Windows Media Center

I finally made the jump to Windows Media Center 2 months ago or so and, overall, I am much happier for it. I have had TiVos in my house since 2001 and it has gotten to be that I just never watch live TV anymore. I adore the concept of the DVR and am greatly…


New ImageResizer build (801) – Added quick-resize from the menu

Download page Small addition to the shell extension for resizing the images: You can now quickly resize images w/o going through the UI and choosing options. Note that you will need to set your defaults the first time you do this. Also note that any option that automatically overwrites images will not be set-able as…


Image Resizer for Vista (and XP) – Just a right click away from Explorer.

You can download the resizer here. I don’t know about you, but I am sorely missing the XP toy for image resizing. Windows XP had its power-toys, but Vista does not. And while some functionality has been baked into the shell, explorer right-click has not. On top of that, a feature I have been wanting for a…