It’s been a while… Welcome Windows Live Embedding!

This has been a long time coming. But I finally have something new for you guys. It has been all over the news/twitter/blogs by now, but one of the new features we added is the ability to embed Excel workbooks in your blogs/sites. There’s a pretty straightforward explanation about this here: Embedding Excel Web App…


Restplorer – visual exploration tool for Excel Services 2010 REST capabilities

At the beginning of the year, I wrote a little web app that lets you get embed code for REST URLs/elements in Excel Services in a very easy way – instead of crafting the URL yourself, or navigating through ATOM feeds, you get a nice UI to do that. Well.. Not really “nice” as much…


“Scratch pad” mode in Excel Services 2010 – how to bring it back

One of the things that were a side-effect of the massive re-write we did on the Excel Web Access component (EWA) to enable editing scenarios and better scrolling was the fact that, when in view-mode, we could allow the user to type directly into the cells of the workbook (as opposed to the way we…


Charts based on dynamic ranges in Excel Services 2010

Hey folks, been asked about this a few times already, so thought I would post – if you are using any of the betas, you will notice that your charts based on dynamic ranges that used to work in 2007 no longer work. This has been fixed and will be available in the RTM bits….


So what else can OpenXML + ASPX + Excel Services can do?

In my previous post, I stole code that showed how developers can write code that will generate XLSX files by using the fancy OpenXML SDK on the fly. At the end though, I explained how a workflow activity would have been much better for the scenario I presented, at least from a performance point of…


“Something interesting” Sample app – Coding – Part 4 – Summary

This post shows how to code the sample application shown on this blog. This continues part 3 of this coding series. In this series, I tried to show how you can play with multiple technologies to achieve your goal. In this case, this “app” uses the following SharePoint 2010 technologies: 1. Excel Web Services: Because…


“Something interesting” Sample app – Coding – Part 1 – Building the page

This post shows how to code the sample application shown on this blog. In my previous post, I showed the “I found something interesting” app which allows users to analyze workbooks and publish their insights. With the following few posts, I will show how this solution is coded. The first element of the solution is…