How to edit the content and HTML in a content-web-part in SharePoint 2010

Thought this may interest some of you (plus, I use it sometimes in my blog posts).. Step 1: Add a content part Click on the “Add Part” when in design mode in a web-part page and choose from Category “Media and content” and from “web parts” choose “Content Editor”: Then click the “Add” button on…


Optimizing life – Life in Async

I was going to get coffee today at work, minding my own business, when someone from the test-team asked me if the order I was doing things when preparing coffee was intentional. Absentmindedly, I explained the reasoning behind the order of things and how I reached this way of doing things and belatedly realized that…


Can you be your own parent (And no, this is not a KUOW Weekday discussion)?

No you can’t. Or can you? No, you can’t. Just ran into this bug in my code: I was getting an annoying StackOverflow, but it was hard to figure out why because the debugger was not willing to show me the originating code – just the recurring call to the Parent property. Once I used…


Closing workbooks Asynchronously – VS2003

I just got asked about this today. If you will recall, in a previous post I explained why the CloseWorkbook() Excel Web Services method is a good candidate for calling in a “Fire and Forget” manner. The explanation in that post was specific for VS2005. In VS2003, the name of the method that does an asynchronous call…


Making Excel Services UDFs work on Excel 2007 – Part 1

I have made a few posts about UDFs over the past couple of months. One of the things I neglected to explain is how to make server targeted UDFs work on the client. Among other reasons why one would want that, is the fact that it’s useful to actually see what the results of your…


How to debug UDFs

Since only Angels get code running right the first time around, it is useful to actually be able to debug UDFs. The way to debug UDFs is to attach to the w3wp.exe process that is running Excel Services and place a breakpoint in your UDF. However, if you bring up the process list in Visual…


How to update UDF assemblies during development

In previous posts, I showed quite a few examples of how to create UDFs. In a recent email in one of our distribution lists, somebody asked how to update UDF dlls in Excel Services. The issue is that as long as the server is up, the UDF assemblies have a lock on them, making it…


Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar – pretty cool

Just thought I would drop a line about this guy. If you are misfortunate enough to have to do some HTML programming of any level that is more than basic, this toolbar alows you to modify a bunch of things about your page and see how it’s buit. Finding it very useful.


Hidden feature of the day – AutoToolboxPopulate

For some reason on all 6 machines where I do development (<GeekMoment>Home machine, laptop and 4 dev machines at work</GeekMoment>) this option is turned off. Not a big deal of course since there are workarounds, but for my side projects (where I actually do UI work) this is actually pretty annoying.   This option will…