Excel Services Gadget download

This is the download page for the Excel Services gadget described in these set of posts. (Download link is right below this line – where it says “Attachments:”) ExGadget.gadget


Creative workarounds – Windings edition

11/24/09 – Correction – Sergei contacted me to explain that I got it all wrong – Windings does not give all the required shapes (Circle, Triangle and Square).Instead, Sergei had to hunt until he found the perfect font that supported all that perfectly – Good ol’ “Arial Unicode MS”.  In older posts, I have talked about…

Coding the Excel Services Windows 7 Gadget – Part 5 – Next steps

There are a few things I want to change/fix and a few features I want to add to the gadget. Here they are, in no particular order: Changes:1. I want to change the way the gadget works to be more like the fly-out – instead of relying on the settings to tell the gadget how…


Coding the Excel Services Windows 7 Gadget – Part 4 – Fly-outs

One of the features gadgets posses is the ability to have a “fly-out” visual aid for “zooming in” or “drilling down” on parts of the gadget. The Excel Services gadget supports that too – for certain types of links. Generally speaking, one should not muck around with the HTML that comes back from Excel Services….

Coding the Excel Services Windows 7 Gadget – Part 2 – Charts

The first part of this series showed how the code in the Settings form worked in the gadget. In this part, I will start describing how the gadget fetches the requested information from Excel Services and displays it. As a reminder, here’s what the gadget looks like when minimized and showing a chart: The gadget…

Coding the Excel Services Windows 7 Gadget – Part 1 – Settings

In the next few days, my posts will revolve around the mechanisms that make the Excel Services gadget tick. I won’t talk a whole lot about Gadget development – that could easily take up 4 or 5 posts – I will give a very brief overview though on what a gadget is and how it…


Excel Services Windows 7 Gadget

The Excel Services Windows Gadget allows you to display information from Excel Services and place it right on your desktop as self updating data. Read more in the posts available on the blog: Introduction to the gadget Displaying ranges in the gadget  


Showing Excel ranges in the Excel Services Gadget

The last post I wrote, I showed the Excel Services gadget and how it can be a great tool for bringing your Excel data right to the desktop. In this short post, I will show some of the other capabilities it has – namely, the ability to show ranges on top of charts. In the…


Introducing the Excel Services Windows 7 Gadget

The past few posts have shown some of the basic REST functionality you can expect to get from the new Excel Services that will ship as part of SharePoint 2010. Before going into some of the more advanced features (well.. feature) of Excel Services REST, I thought I would show you a Windows Gadget we…