Latest ESCC build (914) - also fixes Invalid Chars in workbooks... Sometimes..

Got this question from somebody who just installed the new version.. Previous builds did not know how to auto-fix invalid characters – with this version you can turn on auto-fix – but it will only work in some cases… When click on the Invalid Character Analysis, you get a widget at the bottom allowing you…


Excel Services Compatibility Checker: Build 914 - AutoFix external references + finer control over available checks

I uploaded version 914 onto the download page. This build adds two new features: Finer control over which features are available (and which are autofixed) as well as adding the ability to “fix” external references/RTD functions. The ribbon changed a bit, it now has a “Settings” button (notice that I removed the checkbox I added…


New Compatibility Checker build (904): Fixing External References that were not found.

You can download the newest version from the download page. I posted an entry about ESCC being unable to find some cases of External Reference (also called Linked workbooks). This caused workbooks to be marked as compatible with Excel Services even though they were not. Sherman Der and I have been able to isolate the…


Excel Services Compatibility Checker sometimes does not find External Links

There have been a few internal queries about this and I think I have finally found the problem. The Excel Services Compat Checker will sometimes say that a workbook is compatible with Excel Services, and when that workbook is loaded on the server, it will fail to load due to “External references (links to other…


Update for the compatibility checker - now also finds protected chart-sheets (Ver 0.1.816)

Sherman (one of our funkied-hair testers) found this issue with the compatibility checker – it ignored chart-sheets that are protected. These would cause the workbook to be un-loadable by Excel Services, but is not detected by the compatibility checker. I uploaded a new version to the download page.


New Release for the Excel Services Compatibility Checker (Build 731)

I added a new check to the compatibility checker – it now knows how to look for illegal characters – such as those returned by calling the =CHAR() function with values lower than 32. Because this test can be time consuming and is very rare, I also added a checkbox (called “Complete Analysis”) to the ribbon…


Excel Services Compatibility Checker Addin - Beta

One of the feedback I hear most often is about just how hard it is to check and see if a file can load on Excel Services. On my most recent transatlantic flight (Israel->Washington) I decided to start writing an Addin that will allow people to both figure out what’s wrong with their workbooks and…


Excel Services Compatibility Checker Download Page

Version 0.1.914.0 Add ability to fix external references + allow finer control over what checks are done. See the post for more information. Version 0.1.904.0 Fix the issue of External References not being located. See the post for more information. Version 0.1.816.0 Now checking for protected chart-sheets as well. See the post for more information. Version 0.1.731.0 Added another check…