New published paper - advanced usage of Excel Services and File Format manipulations

Sergei Gundorov (whom you may remember from a previous post) has published a paper on MSDN where he talks about a very interesting solution his team wrote in the Microsoft IT department. The solution is probably one of the most advanced implementation of Excel Services I have seen to date and includes lots of ingenious…


Awesome mouse-pad

We have a surplus computer store near my house which I like mostly because their pricing on cables is not equivalent to the GDP of a small island state. They have some real wonky stuff in there – very old printers, monitors, etc. I passed through there today and saw this: Most-awesome-mouse-pad evah! It is…


Transitioning from TiVo to Windows Media Center

I finally made the jump to Windows Media Center 2 months ago or so and, overall, I am much happier for it. I have had TiVos in my house since 2001 and it has gotten to be that I just never watch live TV anymore. I adore the concept of the DVR and am greatly…


Who's Afraid of the big-bad cast operator?

My previous blog entry (which was completely misunderstood by some people who commented – I blame the fact that English is not my native tongue) reminded me of another poor coding behavior. Just so we don’t have a repeat of that last post, let me clarify that I have nothing against the as operator -…


Using a Generic return type that does not appear in the parameter list - when to use it

EDIT: Contrary to what people understood from this post, it is NOT a “Do not use Generics” post – I think Generics are a GREAT addition to the language/framework and I use them all the time. It is against a very specific usage of Generics  Short Answer: Rarely. Slightly longer answer: When you are aware…


Hitting "Session Timeout" errors when you clearly are not supposed to be hitting them

Scenario: You are working on preparing dashboards or uploading workbooks to your SharePoint site for usage with Excel Services. Every now and again, even though you are clearly interacting with the session, EWA will suddenly tell you that the session has timed out. Reason: Under some circumstances, the server may decide that it needs to…


COM Library for Excel Web Services - Use EWS from VBA!

In the ODC 2008, I gave a demo of how to use Excel Web Services from a VBA client – the demo was basically just a managed library that wrapped a generated Web Services proxy. Since Microsoft no longer seems to supply a SOAP toolkit for office, this is the easiest way of achieving access…


Chapter of the 'Professional Excel Services' book is on MSDN.

MSDN has just published a chapter from my book “Professional Excel Services”. You can find it on this link. This wouldn’t happened without the great work of Siew Moi Kohr. Thanks Siew!


Single-select Dimension member Analysis Services Filter Web Part

A long long time ago, in a building far far away, two Jedis developers called Sreepada Santhegudda and Sergei Gundorov showed me a solution they came up with for a single-select Analysis Services filter web part. While SharePoint ships with a set of filters that allow users to build interesting dashboards, and while one of…