Using SetParameters with the Excel Web Services APIs

One of the new methods I listed in the post about new features is the SetParameters() SOAP call. This allows callers to set multiple parameters at the same time in Excel Services. In this example I have a simple list containing items and sales of those items. I then use a PivotTable to aggregate the…


Using the Web Services APIs to open a workbook for editing and set calculation options

This post is going to be pretty light-weight. It will show how to use the OpenWorkbookForEditing and SetCalculationOptions methods. I won’t create some over-arching example – the skills you have in interacting with sessions in Excel Services are the going to be the same. I will discuss the behavior and what one can expect. OpenWorkbookForEditing…


What’s new in Excel Web Services in SharePoint 2010

So far I talked about the new extensibility features in Excel Services 2010 – REST and the new JavaScript OM. I thought I would spend some time talking about the existing extensibility mechanism we have – Excel Web Services. With the new release we have added some new functionality to this SOAP interface to the…


Introduction to the Excel Services JavaScript OM – Part 3 – writing to the workbook

So far we saw how one can call into the EWA at arbitrary times and respond to events by affecting the page around the EWA. This time around we will combine the two mechanisms to make modifications to the workbook when the selection changes. If you will recall, in part 1, we listened to events…


Introduction to the Excel Services JavaScript OM – Part 2 – listening to events

The previous post showed how to start using the Excel Services JavaScript OM to automate the EWA web-part. The example given showed how to cause periodic recalculation on a workbook that’s on a SharePoint web-page. In this post, we will add our first event to the EWA and see how we can get an even…


Introduction to the Excel Services JavaScript OM – Part 1 – Humble beginnings

Edit: I fixed a problem with the skeleton code that made the thing not work in browsers other than IE.  In the past few weeks, I wrote a bunch of posts about the new REST APIs in Excel Services. I wanted to take a bit of a breather from those APIs and start writing about…


Creative workarounds – Windings edition

11/24/09 – Correction – Sergei contacted me to explain that I got it all wrong – Windings does not give all the required shapes (Circle, Triangle and Square).Instead, Sergei had to hunt until he found the perfect font that supported all that perfectly – Good ol’ “Arial Unicode MS”.  In older posts, I have talked about…


Excel Services REST limitations

We just went through two or three weeks worth of posts and I tried to show you some of the new stuff we can do with Excel Services. It’s cool, it’s exciting, it’s great. But here comes the caveat post!! There are a number of things that do not currently work in REST – the…


Coding the Excel Services Windows 7 Gadget – Part 5 – Next steps

There are a few things I want to change/fix and a few features I want to add to the gadget. Here they are, in no particular order: Changes:1. I want to change the way the gadget works to be more like the fly-out – instead of relying on the settings to tell the gadget how…


Coding the Excel Services Windows 7 Gadget – Part 4 – Fly-outs

One of the features gadgets posses is the ability to have a “fly-out” visual aid for “zooming in” or “drilling down” on parts of the gadget. The Excel Services gadget supports that too – for certain types of links. Generally speaking, one should not muck around with the HTML that comes back from Excel Services….