Reason #4871 why I hate DHTML

Margins. In script. To set? Use To get in runtime? Use element.topMargin. Arghhhhhhh! It’s like DHTML is forcefuly trying to make me hate it.


Getting ranges via Excel Services REST as well as Charts and Discovery

The previous post (and the one before) showed how the Excel Services REST API allows developers to discover information about a workbook as well as get back images of live charts from an Excel Workbook. It is also quite possible to get other types of data – specifically ranges from the spreadsheet. Now, Excel Services…


Discovery via the Excel Services REST APIs

In my previous post, I showed what embedding a chart from Excel Services inside a blog looks like. In this post, we will take a step back and explore the discovery mechanisms built into the Excel Services REST APIs. Discovery allows developers and users to explore the content of the workbook either manually or programmatically…


So what does REST on Excel Services look like???

In my first post about Excel Services and REST, I showed how to construct a simple REST URL pointing directly to a PNG in a workbook. This post was supposed to be about the discovery built into the Excel Services REST API. However, I got a couple of questions about what my previous post actually…


Welcome to the new Excel Services!

Now that Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2009 is done, I have some more time to start posting about all the nice things we have done with SharePoint 2010 – especially with Excel Services. In the coming months, I will post about Excel Services, concentrating on some of the new capabilities we enabled via our new extensibility…


UlsViewer released

The folks in Office Operations released the Uls Viewer tool – it allows users of SharePoint to easily view and analyze ULS logs produced by the system (though not initially designed for user consumption, people seem to have been using the logs pretty much since we shipped). This also allows users of Excel Services to…