New published paper – advanced usage of Excel Services and File Format manipulations

Sergei Gundorov (whom you may remember from a previous post) has published a paper on MSDN where he talks about a very interesting solution his team wrote in the Microsoft IT department. The solution is probably one of the most advanced implementation of Excel Services I have seen to date and includes lots of ingenious customizations - the white paper, specifically, talks about how to use Excel Services as a landing pad for data and then get the file stream from it, customize it (add stuff into it) and serve it up to the user.

You can find the paper on MSDN.

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  1. There’s a new article up on MSDN that describes a custom solution built by the IT department here at

  2. Test says:

    I am trying to  use the SPContext.Current property in managed Excel UDF which is being evaluated to null.  I am trying to get the TimeZone information from the site regional settings.  I can use SPSite object and create the object and get this information.I know that this will work but from the standpoint of a UDF I have no idea which site I am coming from.  The spreadsheet that holds our UDF’s can be placed in any site.

    Is there any way I can get the regional settings information in the Excel Service UDF?

  3. wotnots says:

    I am very new to Excel and need some help. all I need to do is to use an ID in the following hyperlink: The ID here is 2402. I want to change it to the ID number which is in the first column and is different on every row. I want to ahve the ID number to be the same as the number in the hyperlink. Can someone help a poor novice, please?

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