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This page contains the link to the Excel Services AJAX JavaScript download.


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  1. Hi, I am doing some work on a new sample (called EwaCompanion, more on that soon). As part of that work

  2. Today’s author: Dan Parish, a program manager on the Excel Services team. Dan is going to walk through

  3. Edwin says:


    I’m developing a Workflow that uses Excel Services to get data of a xlsx file of a document library to another xlsx file in another document library with a business logic. It works fine when i use Excel 2007.

    But, the problem is that when i try to use a xls file (Excel 2003) to get data, I can’t use Excel Services directly.

    I tried with AJAX to work all in the web (without the need to work with xls file) with the idea to input data using Excel Web Access and AJAX, I’m trying to do this.

    If you could give me an idea or another procedure, please tell me.



  4. e8005 says:

    I will not have SharePoint available for several months, but I’d like to know: does this AJAX library open up the possibility of multi-user simultaneous editing of workbooks?

  5. Shahar Prish says:

    Only if the 2 users are actually the same user (same identity). Otherwise, not really.

  6. AFK says:

    stupid question……how do i actually "install" this AJAX javascript file? Does it need to reside on the sharepoint portal server or is it a client side script?


  7. Andrew says:

    Any chance you can post the 2010 updated version of this that includes the newer methods like saveworkbookcopy() .  

    Many thanks.

  8. Giancarlo says:

    I hope this blog is still alive…

    I need to edit a cellValue so i came here from this blog entry  blogs.msdn.com/…/excel-services-combining-the-ewa-and-api-using-ajax.aspx

    but when i finally call "session.setCellA1("<my sheet name>", selCell, selStatus, SetCellFinished);" i get this annoying error:

    session.setCellA1("OA Sul Territorio", selCell, selStatus, SetCellFinished);

    Any chance to get a simple solution? 😀

    Thank you Shahar

  9. shresa says:

    Is there an updated version of the js om with methods like openworkbookforediting and saveworkbook?

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