Performance Counters in Excel Services – what do they mean

Excel Services comes with a few performance counters designed to let an administrator know the load under which Excel Services is operating. When all performance counters are added, the list inside the management console looks like this: Active Requests: This is the number of requests Excel Services is currently servicing. This number does not include…


Latest ESCC build (914) – also fixes Invalid Chars in workbooks… Sometimes..

Got this question from somebody who just installed the new version.. Previous builds did not know how to auto-fix invalid characters – with this version you can turn on auto-fix – but it will only work in some cases… When click on the Invalid Character Analysis, you get a widget at the bottom allowing you…


Excel Services Compatibility Checker: Build 914 – AutoFix external references + finer control over available checks

I uploaded version 914 onto the download page. This build adds two new features: Finer control over which features are available (and which are autofixed) as well as adding the ability to “fix” external references/RTD functions. The ribbon changed a bit, it now has a “Settings” button (notice that I removed the checkbox I added…


IE Crashing when trying to do certain things in SharePoint?

Towards the end of the development cycle of Excel Services, we saw some incredibly intermittent, incredibly rare issues with Internet Explorer crashing when doing certain operations. There were also a few people complaining about this on our forums. Apparently, there is a simple fix out there and it is described in this post.


UDFs in the world of 64bit Excel Services installations

Deepak posted a question on one of my posts and I thought that it was worth posting a blog entry about. I will try to break this down  as simply as I can, since there are many permutations and it is not always obvious what’s going on. There are also a couple of things one needs…


New Compatibility Checker build (904): Fixing External References that were not found.

You can download the newest version from the download page. I posted an entry about ESCC being unable to find some cases of External Reference (also called Linked workbooks). This caused workbooks to be marked as compatible with Excel Services even though they were not. Sherman Der and I have been able to isolate the…


Excel Services Compatibility Checker sometimes does not find External Links

There have been a few internal queries about this and I think I have finally found the problem. The Excel Services Compat Checker will sometimes say that a workbook is compatible with Excel Services, and when that workbook is loaded on the server, it will fail to load due to “External references (links to other…


Updated ImageResizer (Build 831) – now with working "Set Defaults" button

After a few people complained, I was able to illicit the help of one Paul Rubenstein to help figure out what was wrong. I sent him a debug version of the resizer and he installed it, hit the repro and sent me the log files. That in turn helped me figure out why the “Set Defaults”…


EWA Companion Part 4: Refresh/Recalc functionality

In the first part of this post series I showed the EWA companion and its various capabilities. In this part, I will delve deeper into the “Automatic Refresh/Recalc” capabilities of the companion. This feature is divided into two parts – refresh and recalc. Refresh is mostly only useful when your workbook contains a Pivot-Table that’s…