Another tool for working around Excel Services not supporting QueryTable

Abdullah Kavi (with some help from Bob Archer) from the Excel Test Team has taken Boaz’s solution for converting query tables so that their data can be consumed in Excel Services and added quite a few features to it. In his own words: —- I have created an Add-In based on Boaz’s original add-in and…


Impersonating users inside UDFs

In a previous post I described how UDFs can figure out who the user running them is. Luis already touched on how to impersonate a user, but has a very serious (but very easily fixable) bug in it. (Edit: Luis fixed the bug inside his post) In this post, I will add one important notion…


Nice article in CNet – shipping Vista This is probably the first time I have seen an accurate portraiel of how shipping at Microsoft works. While the Vista process seems to be a little different than the Office one, they have a lot in common.


Office 2007 Party – Things to regret at a later date

(Disclaimer: This post contains words, phrases and audio that may offend some people. Please hit your “back” key if you are easily offended by rude words)  Last friday we had a party for the Office group. One of the things that we had there was this booth that created DVDs of your head over dancing animation. Jen and…


Query Tables work-around for Excel Services

Both in the internal distribution lists and on my blog, the two most insistent question we seem to be getting these days seem to be: 1. My workbook has a Query Table (relational data source in the form of a table) in it and it doesn’t load on the server. What gives? 2. What? You…