Zune in hebrew.. Give me a freaking break.

The tech sections in Israeli news-papers were full of the AMAZING news that MS has shipped a product who's name sounds just like the F-word in Hebrew.

Wouldnt have minded this too much - the tech sections of Israeli newspapers are notoriously amaturish (great example is "Captain Internet" in Haaretz), but now the international news networks seemed to have picked it up. Some things are best left untouched.

Give me a F-ing break. The words don't sound anything alike. The word "Sheet" and the S-word sound closer to each other than Zune does to Zi-Yoon.

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  1. assaf says:

    I’m with you on that one. it’s a stretch.

    Captain Internet is long due for a demotion regardless.

  2. DragonballZune says:

    Welcome back, we missed you 🙂 Good point about "sheet"

  3. ray says:

    Agreed. Those words are totally different.

    About ‘sheet’:

    There’s a shop called ‘Holy Sheet’ in Melbourne, Australia (http://www.holysheet.com.au), that obviously takes advantage of that point. It does sell sheets, and they advertise on school buses. Just thought I’d point that out. By the way, it’s quite a good store.

  4. Domokun says:

    "Smells like sheet….Feels like sheet….Looks like sheet……Holy Sheet!"

    I shoulda taken a photo of those ads.

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