Zune in hebrew.. Give me a freaking break.

The tech sections in Israeli news-papers were full of the AMAZING news that MS has shipped a product who’s name sounds just like the F-word in Hebrew. Wouldnt have minded this too much – the tech sections of Israeli newspapers are notoriously amaturish (great example is “Captain Internet” in Haaretz), but now the international news…


New Excel Services blog by Luis

Luis is one of our prolific testers. He keeps thinking up new applications for Excel Services (or implementing stuff other people thought of). He just made a post explaining how to create your own Excel-viewer type ASPX page in Sharepoint. http://blogs.msdn.com/luisbeonservices/archive/2006/10/19/customizing-ewa-in-xlviewer-aspx.aspx


First cartoon about Excel Services – ever

In what must be a first, the iC blog has a longish, somewhat disconcerting cartoon that mentions Excel Services. http://www.innovationcreators.com/2006/08/captain_…