More about cookie changes in B2TR

A previous post discussed some changes we made to how we use session cookies in EWA. This post explains about one more featurette in that area.

As described in the first cookie post, EWA uses cookies to store session information so that users get back to their previous state when they surf around a SharePoint site. It is possible to prevent a cookie from being created by properly configuring your EWA. In cases where you have very large dashboards containing many static EWAs, using this mode will ensure that other EWAs don’t lose their cookies.


Reaching that mode is simple, but can only be done if your EWA view is truly static – disabling both navigation and interaction with EWA through the web part properties will make EWA forgo saving any information in the cookie and thus save space in the HTTP headers that are being sent back, allowing more interactive EWA to retain their session information.


The downside of this though, is that in some cases where EWA could have closed down unneeded sessions, it will instead not do it. For the most part though, this is not a problem because of our short session timeout.

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