List of supported strings to pass to CodeDomProvider.Create()

Could not find one on the interweb, so here goes (first part is the name of the provider, the second is a name of a string that will cause it to be created):

Microsoft.CSharp.CSharpCodeProvider – c#
Microsoft.CSharp.CSharpCodeProvider – cs
Microsoft.CSharp.CSharpCodeProvider – csharp
Microsoft.VisualBasic.VBCodeProvider – vb
Microsoft.VisualBasic.VBCodeProvider – vbs
Microsoft.VisualBasic.VBCodeProvider – visualbasic
Microsoft.VisualBasic.VBCodeProvider – vbscript
Microsoft.JScript.JScriptCodeProvider – js
Microsoft.JScript.JScriptCodeProvider – jscript
Microsoft.JScript.JScriptCodeProvider – javascript
Microsoft.VJSharp.VJSharpCodeProvider – vj#
Microsoft.VJSharp.VJSharpCodeProvider – vjs
Microsoft.VJSharp.VJSharpCodeProvider – vjsharp
Microsoft.VisualC.CppCodeProvider – c++
Microsoft.VisualC.CppCodeProvider – mc
Microsoft.VisualC.CppCodeProvider – cpp


Edit: This is the list that happens to be on my machine at the time of testing for it..

You may actually have a different list on your machine, depending on what you have installed.

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