TMobiles MDA – Fit The Second

Well.. What can I say. I am still not disillusioned with the device. What is it I hear you say? I have just been using it for two days? That's true. We'll see how it goes..

Installed a gadzillion things on it. So far, so good. Way more stable than my previous pocket pc. No question about it.

Been using it heavily all day with very little recharge. Battery was almost dead at 23:00 or so. I think that's pretty good.

New things:

* I defintely like the keyboard. It's totally sweet.

* Installed SBP plus -- it's great -- closing programs, battery indicator on top of screen, quick launch from the today screen (just a few things that are otherwise a pain to get to). Have used it before, but it's much faster/stabler now.

* Found this blog entry which really helped me - both the original post and all the comments. Lots of good info there. My keyboard work has become even faster.

* Learned in the comments about this smartkeys utility which makes the device much better when keyboard is tucked in (adds "start" and "ok" buttons w/o the keyboards by manipulating the soft keys).

* I learnt that I like the soft keys way more than I thought I would.

* Smart keys also gives me the ability to use the up/down keys to bring up call history/quick-dial in the phone.

* Skype, skype, skype! Never liked the program on the PC -- alwyas prefered to use the phone. But it works REAL nice on the pocket pc when one is connected to wifi. Just great.

* Was able to do a bunch of things at the same time on the device. Namely, talk on skype, chat on messenger and browse the internet. Very little delay. No hangs. Wow.

Still missing

* Really wish there was a shortcut to Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V.

* Really want a shortcut to the "folders" combo in file explorer and especially in the mail reader.

I am on such a high with this device, I am afraid of the way down which is bound to come.. Right?

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  1. Richard - UK says:

    Can I leave you a link … the blog contains useful stuff on the MDA … like don’t let the battery run down or the MDA turns into a bomb 🙂

    Hope it helps

    <a href=""></a&gt;

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