More ridiculous DMCA usages and more stupid headlines.


DMCA is an incredibly draconian law both in what practices it turned into crimes and in what punishments it puts on those practices. is running a story about a man selling WoW manuals ("How to get lots of gold" type instruction manual) he wrote that was being harrassed by Blizzard. Just another example how much power this law puts in the hands of companies. Luckily, Blizzard retracted their demand that he stops distributing the manual.

More stupid headlines ran a story about the new Google spreadsheet web app. Ignoring for a second the contents of the article, this was the headline:

Week in pictures: An Excel-ent rivalry

Excel-ent? Come on. That has got to be one of the stupidest puns ever. It's like saying "Speaker makes a Power(ful)Point!" That's the whole point of the name! You can't make a pun about something if it already means the other meaning! The mind.. It boggles..


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