What’s next? Binding you to your couch during commercials? Some content providers are slowly going insane.


Apparently there's a new standard that will prevent you from (get this) fast-forwarding through commercials. Worst - it will not even let you change channels.

I have a TiVo. It makes watching TV bearable. For every 2 minutes of actual TV you watch w/o it, you can expect to watch 1 minute of commercials. And now, it seems, content providers want to block that too.

From the article:

Four years ago, Jamie Kellner, then head of the Turner Broadcasting System, remarked in an interview in CableWorld magazine that viewers who used DVRs to fast-forward past commercials were committing "theft," then a moment later described it as "stealing the programming." He did allow trips to the bathroom as a noncriminal exemption.

He allows us trips to the bathroom? Thanks man!

What's next? "Turning off your TV is considered theft since you are not watching all the commercials that our advertisers pay for.."?

DRM.. Broadcast Flag.. No internet neutrality.. No fast forward.. [Insert melodramatic closing statement here about not owning our own DNA soon]

Comments (4)

  1. Danny Khen says:

    It will not happen. Because if it does, it will be the day when millions of people kiss their cable subscription goodbye.

  2. Shahar Prish says:

    Somehow, I doubt it. I am sure there will be some percentage that will leave (10%?) but the rest will stay and suffer.

    I know I wil stop paying for cable then and there.

  3. Grommet says:

    I see it as a good thing – if one company patents such a "Clockwork Orange device" then other companies would not use it. Philips would be a much better patent holder than Sony, since they don’t have shared interests in both hardware and media.

  4. Pierrot says:

    We already have kissed!….our cable subscription goodbye!

    A cable ISP gives you the classic channels clear (a dozen) for free and a well set up Tivo stores more programs that you can ever watch! Every time we’re in a hotel and check the cable, we’re being reminded of what we’re not missing!! Amazing. I don’t see any way back! I really can’t believe the baboons at the helm of the media companies! They just don’t want to face…the music! and get that things have changed. They no longer and will never again control what we see and when we see it. Just like phone. The same baboons are offering ‘deals’ for $50 dollars to call in the US when you already have services like Skype or Lingo!!  If they try some of the foolish things you talk about, I have no doubt some techie is going to come up with some SuperTivoMax that renders everything moot again! The only way, for them to survive is to embrace the change, with music as with broadcast. Maybe, one way would be to "embed’ the ads in the programs, like in James Bonds movies (007 drives the latest xxx car, his watch is a yyy….), then we would have to take it! But it would also be more subtle…and bearable.

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