MSDN Blogs look.. Well.. Really bad in IE7

No other word for it. It just looks really bad...

I hope they fix it soon, but until then, my apologies to all of you using the new IE7 beta for reading these blogs.

Edit: Asked the internal msdn blogs alias - apparently Community Server does not yet support IE7. 🙁

Comments (5)

  1. steven says:

    Should I take this "cum grano salis"? Looks fine to me, although the shrinking logic is incorrect, meaning the rightmost column may overlap the content on this page. Other than that, it looks identical to Firefox’ display.

  2. Shahar Prish says:

    What resolution are you running? My IE7 machine is on 1024×768. All the text is clipped.

    And you should take everything cum grano salis in my opinion. 🙂

  3. steven says:

    It’s probably more of a problem with the skin you have on your blog (which seems to be the default skin). Other skins look fine:,

  4. Arron [MSFT] says:

    This page is rendering correctly in IE7 per the CSS design and what the CSS spec states. There are multiple min-width settings setting items in the center column to a minimum width of 650px. This means the content cannot be thinner than 650px so using the columns as a reference I came up with:

    Left column: 181px

    Center column: 650px

    Right column: 200px

    Plus the 1px gray border x2

    This adds up to a total 1033px.

    Obviously the total is over 1024px which is a web design flaw, no web page should ever have an overall min-width of > 796px. Next the issue is the 650px min-width is nested within a 20px padded div. Since padding is added to the width calculation (this is correct per CSS spec) this exaggerates the 650px min-width problem we are seeing.

    To correct the problem either remove or readjust the min-width settings to correct the current overflow.

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