Reason #4983 Why .NET 2.0 is so f’ing cool

I had a nice picture I really wanted to turn into a poster by printing it over multiple pages (I seem to have been futsing a lot with pictures these past 2 weeks for some reason).

None of the software I had on my machine seemed to be able to do this (either at all or at a satisfactory manner) - and these include:

* Microsoft Digital Image Suite
* Paint.NET
* Office Image Manager
* Windows XP built-in printing

So I decided to look for software that would do that for me. Went through search engines and and found about 10 pieces of software that did that, but alas, they all had one or more of the following problems:

* They did not install
* They did not run
* They were crippled until you paid the guys who wrote them.

Installing/testing and Uninstalling these guys took me over 20 minutes. After the eighth or ninth installation, I gave up and decided to write the thing in .NET.

Took me about 10 minutes, zero compilation errors (thanks intellisense), and zero program errors. After 10 minutes it just freaking worked.

Oh yeah, and I have never done printing before this. This was my first time of doing printing in .NET.

Thanks .NET for making it possible even for monkeys to write software!! Sure, no more job security for me, but I saved $12 on one of those shareware programs.

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  1. Khuzema says:

    Can you upload the code you did in .Net. thanks

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