A new blog comes to life!

I know this is very exciting to the multitudes that are reading this. You probably cannot contain you excitment. Well, try. It's quite unbecoming.

Introductions are in order I guess. My name is Shahar, I work for Microsoft, on the finally-not-top-secret Excel Server product. We can't really write anything about that yet since for now the only official place to go is the Excel Server Blog. Once we open it up for individual people on the team, I will probably be talking about that a bit too.

This is the part where I should be giving my Geek History, though I dont think anyone really cares, so I will skip that (aren't you thankful?)

My posts will consist mainly of programming tips, programming-related-tips, tid bits about Excel Server and the occasional humm-drumm comment about life at large.

In the past 3 years or so I have started using .NET heavily - both on Excel Server and in my home grown projects. As sad as it is to admit, C# and the CLR have replaced C++ as the love-of-my-(computing)-life. Talk about feeling like a wuss. But more about that in future posts. Because of that, most of my programming posts are probably going to be about .NET related issues.

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