Understanding a Simple Async Program

by Alan Berman The Async feature in Visual Studio 2012 RC makes it easy to invoke asynchronous methods. If you mark a method with or async modifier, you can use the await operator in the method. When control reaches an await expression in the async method, control returns to the caller, and progress in the… Read more

Async Targeting Pack for Visual Studio 11 now available for .NET 4 and Silverlight 5

If you’ve held off on trying Visual Studio 11 Beta because your .NET 4 or Silverlight 5 app uses the Async CTP, your wait is over!  Today we’ve published the Async Targeting Pack for Visual Studio 11, a NuGet package that lets your Visual Studio 11 projects target .NET 4 and Silverlight 5 while taking… Read more

Visual Studio 11 Beta Is Here!

As you may have seen in Jason’s blog, Visual Studio 11 Beta is available for download today, including the Beta version of C# 5.0!  If you’ve tried out the Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview, you already know that this is an exciting release, with two huge new features for C# developers: async methods and support… Read more

Using Async for File Access

by Alan Berman The new Async feature in Visual Studio makes it easy to code asynchronous method calls. To make synchronous code asynchronous, you can simply call an asynchronous method instead of a synchronous method and add a few keywords to the code, as shown in the examples below.  You no longer need to define… Read more

New Async Programming Videos

Some great new video’s on MSDN showing how to do async programming using the Async CTP. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/vstudio/hh378091.aspx There are different versions of video’s for both VB and C#. This is a great opportunity to see the power of the new Async languages featuresand follow through a series of examples showing how easy it is to… Read more

Async CTP (SP1 Refresh)

By Jeremy Meng Visual Studio Async CTP (SP1 Refresh) is available now! You are welcome to download and try it out! Thanks to the new Async feature coming in Visual Basic and C# it has never been so easy to write asynchronous code. With the newly introduced async and await keywords you can make asynchronous… Read more

What’s Next in C#? Get Ready for Async!

Today we announced the Visual Studio Async CTP, which shows one of the major features we plan to include in a future release of C# and Visual Basic. This feature makes development of asynchronous applications–which include everything from desktop applications with responsive UI to sophisticated web applications–much easier. The future release will introduce two new… Read more