Introduction to the Roslyn Scripting API

by Brian Rasmussen In this post we take a look at how the Roslyn Scripting API can enable applications to evaluate code at runtime. While this has been possible since the dawn of .NET through the use of Reflection, Lightweight Code Generation, CodeDom, etc., it has never been particularly easy. All of these mechanisms are… Read more

Using the Roslyn Symbol API

by Kevin Pilch-Bisson I’m back again, to move along to the next stage of the compiler pipeline, and take a look at working with Symbols in the using the Roslyn CTP. The Roslyn CTP’s symbol API provides a top-down view of all the symbols available. Before we get to symbols though, we need to start… Read more

Roslyn Syntax Visualizers

Hi All! A few weeks ago, we announced the Microsoft “Roslyn” CTP. I hope many of you have had a chance to download the CTP and take it for a spin 🙂 If you haven’t, do give it a try. To recap – in the Roslyn CTP, we are previewing a powerful set of language… Read more

Using the Roslyn Syntax API

By Kevin Pilch-Bisson As promised back when we released the Roslyn CTP, here is the first of a series of blog posts that help explain the various parts of the Roslyn API. If you don’t have the Roslyn CTP, you can get it from our MSDN page, and install it on top of Visual Studio… Read more

Introducing the Microsoft “Roslyn” CTP

By Kevin Pilch-Bisson As Soma mentioned earlier, today we’ve made a Community Technology Preview (CTP) available for download! The Roslyn project is a forward looking effort to make the wealth of language understanding that the compiler generates available to developers in other scenarios. A number of us have been working hard on getting enough of… Read more

C# 2010 Soup to Nuts Series

By Emily Gibson New! C# 2010 Soup to Nuts Series Explore this webcast series on Visual C# 2010 presented by Developer Evangelist, Bill Steele. Learn about class libraries, operator basics, branching and looping, and more as Bill dives deep into this fantastic language. Part 1: Introduction WMV Download | Zune | WMA | MP3 Watch… Read more

New Async Programming Videos

Some great new video’s on MSDN showing how to do async programming using the Async CTP. There are different versions of video’s for both VB and C#. This is a great opportunity to see the power of the new Async languages featuresand follow through a series of examples showing how easy it is to… Read more

Async CTP (SP1 Refresh)

By Jeremy Meng Visual Studio Async CTP (SP1 Refresh) is available now! You are welcome to download and try it out! Thanks to the new Async feature coming in Visual Basic and C# it has never been so easy to write asynchronous code. With the newly introduced async and await keywords you can make asynchronous… Read more

How to programmatically launch Debugger in a remote machine

This blog post explains how to kick off a debugger in a remote machine, programmatically. We are going to use WMI interfaces to achieve this. Use WMI, to start the debuggee process and attach a registered debugger to it using WMI. I have given a sample code below. This Code assumes that we have the… Read more

Visual Studio is Hiring

Do you want to work on a product used by millions of developers around the world?  I do!  Come join me to deliver Visual Studio, the set of developer tools used across Microsoft and around the world.  We have open positions available across Test, Dev and PM at varying levels on many projects across Visual… Read more