Blogging again????

You know sometimes it’s just sad how fast time can go by.  Looking back it’s been well over a year maybe two since I last blogged.  WOW, that’s not cool.  So what the hell happened, well LIFE I guess.  Let’s see: I had my second child ( girl, Addison ).  We are blessed to have…


Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.targets ( 2005 )

Have you ever wanted to *see* the target stack in the TeamBuild targets?  Well the wait is over.  I wish I could say I generated this on the fly but that isn’t the case, but one day that will happen.  I intend to keep growing this map as I come across new items and documentation. …


Build Status TFS Policy, Part II

Since my post yesterday I just decided to update the code and also include Buck’s comments.  I even added a simple installer as a bonus since that last post was just useless.  Here is the new version and this time in a zip 😉


Stop, the build is broken!!

  It’s late, your tired and yet somehow you got stuck fixing the build because junior engineer bob just fired off a check-in and took off.  It looks like the build is now broken because junior hasn’t done a get latest in a month.  In the meantime 10 other people check-in and just end up…


Microsoft.SDC.Tasks, New Version Released

If you are doing anything with .Net 2.0 chances are you have a set of MSBuild files supporting your application.  That means you already know MSBuild just rocks.  What better than MSBuild? MSBuild with a sweet task library to support it of course!  That task library would be the Enterprise Solutions Build Framework or Microsoft.SDC.Tasks as…


The Build Master

I don’t think anyone will argue but the majority of technical books are used for reference.  OK so every so often a new book comes out and you read it cover to cover.  Well that time has come.  Vincent Maraia has just authored a book called The Build Master.  If you have anything to do…